RemTech East 2022 Proceedings

Land Stewardship

  • Remediation of Wetland Used by First Nation for Plant Harvesting
    Muntazir Pardhan, Dillon Consulting – Presentation PDF
  • Boat Harbour Sludge Thickness Mapping and Volume Calculations
    Timothy Bachiu, WSP Golder – Presentation PDF
  • No Quick Fixes to Gas Well Problem – Case Study – Big Creek Valley, Ontario
    Louis-Charles Boutin and Cam Baker, Matrix Solutions – Presentation PDF

Risk Management & Assessment

  • Prairie NSZD: A Comparison of NSZD Rates Across Eight Sites Using New High-Data Density Technology
    Steven Mamet, Environmental Material Science – Presentation PDF
  • Use of Risk Assessment to Develop Remediation Goals
    Karen Bechard and Ashkan Arefi, Geosyntec Consultants – Presentation PDF
  • Assessment, Remediation, Capping and Closure of a Former Construction & Debris (C&D) Landfill Site, Harrietsfield Nova Scotia
    Rob McCullough, AECOM – Presentation PDF
  • “How Much is Enough” Design Factors for In-Situ Chemical Remediation
    Oskar Pula, TRIUM Enviromental
  • In-Situ Permeable Reactive Barrier Remediation Optimization using High Resolution Site Characterization Tools – A Case Study
    Patrick O’Neill, Vertex Environmental – Presentation PDF
  • Temporary Mobile Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems for Environmental Remediation: A Contractor’s Perspective
    Nishil Mohammed, GFL Environmental – Presentation PDF

ONEIA Technical Sessions

  • A Multidisciplinary Approach to Remediate Tetrachloroethylene Impacted Groundwater Beneath a Building
    Kerry-Anne Pumphrey, BlueFrog Environmental Consulting – Presentation PDF
  • The Importance of a Good 3D Conceptual Site Model in Remediation of a Chlorinated VOC Impacted Groundwater Site in Eastern Ontario
    Jonathan Coakley, Stantec – Presentation PDF
  • Underwater Noise Impacts from Remediation Dredging: Best Practices and Mitigation Alternatives
    Jonathan Vallarta, SLR Consulting – Presentation PDF


  • Bioaugmentation – A Canadian Perspective
    Sandra Dworatzek, SiREM – Presentation PDF
  • In-Situ Chemical Injection to Treat Chlorinated Solvents in Groundwater
    Takako Matsueda, SLR Consulting – Presentation PDF
  • Metals & Organic contaminant Removal using Novel Iron Media for ex situ Groundwater Remediation and Industrial Wastewater Treatment
    Jean Pare, Chemco – Presentation PDF

Canadian  Brownfields Network

  • The Implications and Challenges Experienced at a Brownfield Development Project
    Paul Cheung and Peter Sutton, Terrapex – Presentation PDF
  • Case Studies on Environmental Insurance for Brownfields
    Carl Spensieri, Berkley Canada – Presentation PDF
  • Remediation Contracting is Dead
    Nicholas Doucette & Pete Craig, QM Environmental – Presentation PDF
  • Tools to Reduce Vapour Intrusion Mitigation System Installation and Operating Costs for Brownfields
    Paul Nicholson, Geosyntec Consultants – Presentation PDF

Emerging Contaminants

  • Differences and similarities in PFAS risk in Europe and Quebec
    Hugo Carronnier, Valgo and Gabriel Munoz from Université de Montréal – Presentation PDF
  • Electrochemical Degradation of PFAS Mass in Redundant Stocks of AFFF Concentrate and First Flush Washwater – Pilot-Scaled Field Demonstration
    John Santacroce, AECOM – Presentation PDF
  • Field-Scale Treatability Study – Soil Washing of PFAS-Contaminated Soils Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado
    Paul Newman, ECT2 – Presentation PDF
    Steve Becker, Brice Environmental
  • Pushing the Boundaries on Quantitative PFAS Analysis
    Darlene Hoogenes-Stastny, ALS Environmental – Presentation PDF

Regulatory / Legal

  • Through the Lens of recent environmental decisions and legislation: The Ever-Changing Practice of Environmental Law – Part 1
    Jacquelyn Stevens and Matthew Gardner, Willms & Shiers Environmental Laywers LLP – Presentation PDF
  • Through the Lens of recent environmental decisions and legislation: The Ever-Changing Practice of Environmental Law – Part 2
    John Georgakopoulos and Anand Srivastava, Willms & Shiers Environmental Laywers LLP – Presentation PDF
  • 2020 Remediation Process Guide and CER Remediation Operating Practices Update
    Adele Houston and Holly Kingston, Canada Energy Regulator – Presentation PDF
  • Excess Soils and O.Reg. 406/19 – The Contractors’ Perspective
    Mike Gawel, Vertex Environmental

Data Management & Technology

  • Digging Deeper with 3D RaVE: Managing and Visualizing Impacted Excess Soils Using Three-Dimensional, Rapid, Volume Estimation Technology
    Brant Gill, Matrix Solutions – Presentation PDF
  • What You Need To Know About Digital Transformation
    Vincent Lam,
  • The Port Lands Flood Protection Project – How Advanced Petroleum Hydrocarbon Forensic Tools Can Be Used To Support Successful Bioremediation Programs
    Don Forbes, WaterFront Toronto – Presentation PDF
    Francine Kelly-Hooper, Stantec
  • Mycoremediation – Mushrooms for More than just Food
    Oskar Pula, TRIUM Environmental – Presentation PDF

Unique Projects and Locations

  • First to Field Mass Mixing In-situ Stabilization / Solidification Remediation in Uncharted Waters of Kendall Bay
    Dogus Meric, Geosyntec Consultants – Presentation PDF
  • Redevelopment On Or Near Oil & Gas Wellsites in Alberta – A Minefield of Safety, Environmental, and Planning Considerations
    Michael Lupart, Trace Associates – Presentation PDF
  • De Beers Victor Mine Demolition Project – Remote and Challenging Locations
    Enrique Bayata, Priestly Demolition – Presentation PDF
  • Thermal Remediation of Soils Impacted with Explosives, PCB’s and PAH’s at the Former Ravenna Army Ammunition Plant Superfund Site – Portage and Trumbull Counties, Ohio
    Chad Belenky, Iron Creek Group – Presentation PDF
  • Randle Reef Sediment Remediation Project Stage 2 – Methodologies Utilized for Contaminated Sediment Dredging, Thin Layer/Isolation Capping, and Water Treatment”
    Wayne Harris, Milestone Environmental – Presentation PDF
  • Saskatchewan Non-Uranium Abandoned Mines Clean-up Program
    Dale Kristoff and Brent Zelensky, Government of Saskatchewan – Presentation PDF

Research & Technology

  • A Case Study – Large Scale Sub-Slab Vapour Intrusion System
    Devin Rosnak, GFL Infrastructure and Frank Schlaefli, Pinchin Ltd. – Presentation PDF
  • Leveraging the Synergies of Molecular Biological Tools and CSIA for MNA and Enhanced Bioremediation Assessment
    Phil Dennis, SiREM – Presentation PDF
  • The Multitude of Uses for Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria in Soil Remediation and Site Management
    Elizabeth Murray, Earthmaster Environmental Strategies – Presentation PDF
  • Combined Remedies Approach Tackles Large DNAPL Solvent Site
    Mike Mazzarese, AST Environmental
  • Bioremediation 4.0: What Procaryotic Microbes Can Really Accomplish and the Roll Quorum Sensing and Signaling (QSS) Plays
    Kent Armstrong, TerraStryke Products LLC – Presentation PDF
  • Partitioning and Storage of Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Considering Precursors and Multi-Bilayer Supramolecular Assemblies in Unsaturated and Saturated Zones of Fire Training Areas
    Ian Ross, Tetra Tech