RemTech East 2023 Proceedings

RemTech East 2022 Proceedings

Ontario Update Session

  • Update and discussion on Brownfields and Excess Soils regulation including such topics as Records of Site Conditions, Risk Assessments, excess soils tunneling spoils.  
    Adam Leus, Manager Brownfields and Permit to Take Water, Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Park
    Michelle Zehr, Manager Ecological Standards, Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Park
    Chris Lompart, Manager Land Use Policy Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Park
    Presentation 1 and Presentation 2


Land Stewardship

  • Remediation of Wetland Used by First Nation for Plant Harvesting
    Muntazir Pardhan, Dillon Consulting – Presentation PDF
  • Boat Harbour Sludge Thickness Mapping and Volume Calculations
    Timothy Bachiu, WSP Golder – Presentation PDF
  • No Quick Fixes to Gas Well Problem – Case Study – Big Creek Valley, Ontario
    Louis-Charles Boutin and Cam Baker, Matrix Solutions – Presentation PDF

Interesting Projects

  • Residential Redevelopment of a Former Multi-Well Pad and Battery Site Within an Urban Environment
    John Forbes & Sylvain Bordenave, Trace Associates Inc. – Presentation
  • SEAR Combined With MPE To Resolve Recalcitrant NAPL At Coal Tar Brownfield Site
    George Ivey, Ivey International – Presentation
  • Windermere Wetland: a History of Contamination, Remediation, Restoration, Innovative Monitoring and Management
    Gordon Wichert, SLR Consulting – Presentation
  • Significant Return on Investment Achieved by Successfully Remediating a Challenging Chlorinated Solvent Site
    Kevin French, Vertex Environmental – Presentation
  • LNAPL in Bedrock Case Study: Using Two Consecutive Remediation Approaches, MPE (multi-phase extraction) and Injection of a Carbon-Based Amendment
    Daniel Brenner & Iain Walton, Vertex Environmental Inc. – Presentation

Risk Management & Assessment

  • Prairie NSZD: A Comparison of NSZD Rates Across Eight Sites Using New High-Data Density Technology
    Steven Mamet, Environmental Material Science – Presentation PDF
  • Use of Risk Assessment to Develop Remediation Goals
    Karen Bechard and Ashkan Arefi, Geosyntec Consultants – Presentation PDF
  • Assessment, Remediation, Capping and Closure of a Former Construction & Debris (C&D) Landfill Site, Harrietsfield Nova Scotia
    Rob McCullough, AECOM – Presentation PDF
  • “How Much is Enough” Design Factors for In-Situ Chemical Remediation
    Oskar Pula, TRIUM Enviromental
  • In-Situ Permeable Reactive Barrier Remediation Optimization using High Resolution Site Characterization Tools – A Case Study
    Patrick O’Neill, Vertex Environmental – Presentation PDF
  • Temporary Mobile Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems for Environmental Remediation: A Contractor’s Perspective
    Nishil Mohammed, GFL Environmental – Presentation PDF

Canadian Brownfields Network

  • Climate Resilient Brownfield Remediation
    Meggen Janes, Geosyntec Consultants – Presentation
  • Technical and Strategic Considerations for the Use of Risk Assessment at a NAPL-Impacted Brownfield
    Peter Sutton & Paul Cheung, Terrapex – Presentation
  • Environmental Insurance: A Case Study Involving Active Litigation, Complicated History, and Multiple Transactions!
    Carl Spensieri, Berkley Insurance and  Marc McAree, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP – Presentation
  • How Do You Drown a tree? And Other Unique and Challenging Construction Aspects
    Nicholas Doucette, QM Environmental – Presentation

ONEIA Technical Sessions

  • A Multidisciplinary Approach to Remediate Tetrachloroethylene Impacted Groundwater Beneath a Building
    Kerry-Anne Pumphrey, BlueFrog Environmental Consulting – Presentation PDF
  • The Importance of a Good 3D Conceptual Site Model in Remediation of a Chlorinated VOC Impacted Groundwater Site in Eastern Ontario
    Jonathan Coakley, Stantec – Presentation PDF
  • Underwater Noise Impacts from Remediation Dredging: Best Practices and Mitigation Alternatives
    Jonathan Vallarta, SLR Consulting – Presentation PDF

Legal / Regulatory / Government Updates

  • CER Reported Contaminated Sites and Remediation Operating Practices Update
    Adele Houston, Canada Energy Regulator – Presentation
  • Newton’s Pendulum: The Swinging Spheres of Environmental Law
    Jacquelyn Stevens and Matthew Gardner, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP – Presentation
  • O. Reg. 406/19 On-Site and Excess Soil Management: Procurement and Contract Best Management Practices
    Jenna Allan and David Wong, EnVision Consultants – Presentation
  • Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan Demand Forecast 2023-2028
    Brad Simpson, Public Works and Procurement Canada – Presentation


  • Bioaugmentation – A Canadian Perspective
    Sandra Dworatzek, SiREM – Presentation PDF
  • In-Situ Chemical Injection to Treat Chlorinated Solvents in Groundwater
    Takako Matsueda, SLR Consulting – Presentation PDF
  • Metals & Organic contaminant Removal using Novel Iron Media for ex situ Groundwater Remediation and Industrial Wastewater Treatment
    Jean Pare, Chemco – Presentation PDF

Ex-Situ and/or In-Situ Remediation

  • STARx Treatment Plants: Smouldering Hydrocarbons, Waste Products, Contaminated Soils, and Recalcitrant Compounds at Scale
    Dave Liefl, Savron – Presentation
  • The Intersection of Excess Soil Management and Site Remediation in Ontario
    Grant Walsom, XCG Consulting – Presentation
  • Case Study: Combined ISCO/ISS of BTEX and Chlorobenzene Impacted Soils
    Coughenour, Canada Geo-Solution sand Hubert Guimont, Menard Canada – Presentation
  • Pilot Scale In Situ Treatment of Chlorinated Solvent Source Zone – Use of Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis (CSIA) to Assess Treatment Performance and Injection Design
    Daniel Bouchard, GHD – Presentation
  • In-Situ & Ex-Situ Remediation of cVOC Impact in Conjunction with Site Construction Activities: Challenges & Perspectives from the Landowner, Remedial Contractor & Environmental Consultant
    Oskar Pula, TRIUM Environmental, Jaka Suryana, Stantec Consulting andAlbert Ho, First Capital REIT – Presentation
  • Optimizing Ex Situ Bioremediation of Recalcitrant Compounds in Canada’s Cold Climate
    Malika Bendouz, Chemco Presentation
  • Using Geochemical Data to Trouble Shoot Variable Performance Following ISCO
    Brant Smith, Evonik – Presentation
  • Treatability Options for Metals Contaminated Sites
    Larissa Smith, SiREM – Presentation

Canadian  Brownfields Network

  • The Implications and Challenges Experienced at a Brownfield Development Project
    Paul Cheung and Peter Sutton, Terrapex – Presentation PDF
  • Case Studies on Environmental Insurance for Brownfields
    Carl Spensieri, Berkley Canada – Presentation PDF
  • Remediation Contracting is Dead
    Nicholas Doucette & Pete Craig, QM Environmental – Presentation PDF
  • Tools to Reduce Vapour Intrusion Mitigation System Installation and Operating Costs for Brownfields
    Paul Nicholson, Geosyntec Consultants – Presentation PDF

Groundwater Management and Treatment

  • Legacy Hydrocarbon Production and Related Factors Contributing to Degraded Groundwater Quality in Southwestern Ontario
    Stewart Hamilton, Matrix Solutions – Presentation
  • Optimizing Groundwater Treatment for Complex Construction Sites: 2 Case Studies
    Nathan Lichti and Mahshid Jannati, Vertex Environmental – Presentation

Emerging Contaminants

  • Differences and similarities in PFAS risk in Europe and Quebec
    Hugo Carronnier, Valgo and Gabriel Munoz from Université de Montréal – Presentation PDF
  • Electrochemical Degradation of PFAS Mass in Redundant Stocks of AFFF Concentrate and First Flush Washwater – Pilot-Scaled Field Demonstration
    John Santacroce, AECOM – Presentation PDF
  • Field-Scale Treatability Study – Soil Washing of PFAS-Contaminated Soils Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado
    Paul Newman, ECT2 – Presentation PDF
    Steve Becker, Brice Environmental
  • Pushing the Boundaries on Quantitative PFAS Analysis
    Darlene Hoogenes-Stastny, ALS Environmental – Presentation PDF


  • Use of Debris-Containing Soil for a Stormwater Pond – The Case for Sustainable Remediation
    Michael Lupart, Trace Associates – Presentation
  • Engineering a Sustainable Remediation Approach
    Suvish Melanta and David MacGillivray, Grounded Engineering – Presentation
  • The Redevelopment of Oshawa Harbour – Conversion of Federal Contaminated Land into a Municipal Waterfront Park through Site Assessment, Risk Management, and Soil Management
    Pamela Cameron and Trevor Mahoney, XCG Consulting – Presentation
  • Keys to Successful In-Situ Remedial Design at Brownfields Sites: A Comprehensive Approach Utilizing Design Verification Testing and Flux Tracer Tools
    Elliot Maker, Regenesis – Presentation

Regulatory / Legal

  • Through the Lens of recent environmental decisions and legislation: The Ever-Changing Practice of Environmental Law – Part 1
    Jacquelyn Stevens and Matthew Gardner, Willms & Shiers Environmental Laywers LLP – Presentation PDF
  • Through the Lens of recent environmental decisions and legislation: The Ever-Changing Practice of Environmental Law – Part 2
    John Georgakopoulos and Anand Srivastava, Willms & Shiers Environmental Laywers LLP – Presentation PDF
  • 2020 Remediation Process Guide and CER Remediation Operating Practices Update
    Adele Houston and Holly Kingston, Canada Energy Regulator – Presentation PDF
  • Excess Soils and O.Reg. 406/19 – The Contractors’ Perspective
    Mike Gawel, Vertex Environmental


  • Innovative In Situ Solution to Persistent PFAS Groundwater and Soil Contamination
    Jean Pare, Chemco – Presentation
  • STAR and STARx – A Smouldering Solution to PFAS from Laboratory to Field Scale Application
    Laura Kinsman, Savron – Presentation
  • Innovative In-Situ Remediation Approach to Treat PFAS-Impacted Groundwater
    Matt Pourabadehei & Robert Timlin, SNC-Lavalin – Presentation
  • Treating PFAS: Current In-Situ Remediation Approaches
    Bruce Tunnicliffe, Vertex Environmental – Presentation

Data Management & Technology

  • Digging Deeper with 3D RaVE: Managing and Visualizing Impacted Excess Soils Using Three-Dimensional, Rapid, Volume Estimation Technology
    Brant Gill, Matrix Solutions – Presentation PDF
  • What You Need To Know About Digital Transformation
    Vincent Lam,
  • The Port Lands Flood Protection Project – How Advanced Petroleum Hydrocarbon Forensic Tools Can Be Used To Support Successful Bioremediation Programs
    Don Forbes, WaterFront Toronto – Presentation PDF
    Francine Kelly-Hooper, Stantec
  • Mycoremediation – Mushrooms for More than just Food
    Oskar Pula, TRIUM Environmental – Presentation PDF

Technology and Research

  • Knock-knock, Who’s There? Using Next Generation Sequencing to Understand Your Environment
    Melody Vachon, SiREM – Presentation
  • How Modern Digital Platforms can help you Achieve 100% Budget Control
    Vincent Lam, – Presentation
  • Addressing the need for Data Governance using Data Management Software as a valuable tool in Site Remediation
    Nick Tumney, esdat software by escis – Presentation
  • Excess Soil Management Technology at the Toronto Portlands, and Lessons Learned
    Sajid Alimohamed and Morgan Chambers, QM Environmental – Presentation

Unique Projects and Locations

  • First to Field Mass Mixing In-situ Stabilization / Solidification Remediation in Uncharted Waters of Kendall Bay
    Dogus Meric, Geosyntec Consultants – Presentation PDF
  • Redevelopment On Or Near Oil & Gas Wellsites in Alberta – A Minefield of Safety, Environmental, and Planning Considerations
    Michael Lupart, Trace Associates – Presentation PDF
  • De Beers Victor Mine Demolition Project – Remote and Challenging Locations
    Enrique Bayata, Priestly Demolition – Presentation PDF
  • Thermal Remediation of Soils Impacted with Explosives, PCB’s and PAH’s at the Former Ravenna Army Ammunition Plant Superfund Site – Portage and Trumbull Counties, Ohio
    Chad Belenky, Iron Creek Group – Presentation PDF
  • Randle Reef Sediment Remediation Project Stage 2 – Methodologies Utilized for Contaminated Sediment Dredging, Thin Layer/Isolation Capping, and Water Treatment”
    Wayne Harris, Milestone Environmental – Presentation PDF
  • Saskatchewan Non-Uranium Abandoned Mines Clean-up Program
    Dale Kristoff and Brent Zelensky, Government of Saskatchewan – Presentation PDF

A Little Bit of Everything

  • Remediation and Risk Management Strategies for Managing an LNAPL Impacted Site
    Sam Caldwell, Stantec Consulting – Presentation
  • Risk of undetected Gas Emission Venting and Migration
    Ryan Doull, 360 Energy Liability Management – Presentation
  • Air Sparging and Soil Vapor Extraction System for the Remediation of Volatile Organic Compounds in Groundwater and Soil Vapour – A Contractor’s Perspective
    Nishil Mohammed, Green Infrastructure Partners – Presentation

Research & Technology

  • A Case Study – Large Scale Sub-Slab Vapour Intrusion System
    Devin Rosnak, GFL Infrastructure and Frank Schlaefli, Pinchin Ltd. – Presentation PDF
  • Leveraging the Synergies of Molecular Biological Tools and CSIA for MNA and Enhanced Bioremediation Assessment
    Phil Dennis, SiREM – Presentation PDF
  • The Multitude of Uses for Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria in Soil Remediation and Site Management
    Elizabeth Murray, Earthmaster Environmental Strategies – Presentation PDF
  • Combined Remedies Approach Tackles Large DNAPL Solvent Site
    Mike Mazzarese, AST Environmental
  • Bioremediation 4.0: What Procaryotic Microbes Can Really Accomplish and the Roll Quorum Sensing and Signaling (QSS) Plays
    Kent Armstrong, TerraStryke Products LLC – Presentation PDF
  • Partitioning and Storage of Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Considering Precursors and Multi-Bilayer Supramolecular Assemblies in Unsaturated and Saturated Zones of Fire Training Areas
    Ian Ross, Tetra Tech


  • Bioaugmentation- It’s Not Just for TCE Anymore
    Corey Scales, SiREM – Presentation
  • Field Applications of Anaerobic BTX Bioaugmentation Cultures
    Sandra Dworatzek, SiREM – Presentation
  • Understanding Temperature Effects on Bioremediation and Cleanup Timeline: Case Studies
    B.J. Min, TRIUM Environmental – Presentation


  • Roadside Vegetation Naturalization Pilot Project in Calgary, Alberta
    Kent Cryer, Earthmaster Environmental Strategies – Presentation
  • Dewatering and Containment of Heavy Metal Contaminated Sediments with Geotextile Containers and Polymers. Developing and Validating System Performance and Design
    Tyler Anderson, Bishop Water Technologies – Presentation
  • Overcoming the Engineering Challenges with Giant Mine Remediation Project
    Chris MacInnis, Crown Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada – Presentation

Natural Attenuation and Phytoremediation

  • Recognizing Natural Source Zone Depletion (NSZD) for a More Sustainable Approach to the Long-Term Management of Residual LNAPL at the CN Gogama Release Site
    Matthew Rousseau, GHD – Presentation
  • Soil Respiration Rates under Natural Attenuation versus Enhanced Biodegradation
    Sophia Dore, GHD – Presentation
  • Plant Uptake of Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Trace Metals and Derivation of Soil-to-Plant Uptake Factors: Advancing the Science of Environmental Risk Assessment
    Erik Martin, Vertex Resource Group – Presentation