Executive Director

Joe Chowaniec, BSc

Joe Chowaniec is the Director, Program and Events for the Environmental Services Association of Alberta.  Joe has over 25 years experience with ESAA and has held many roles in the organization throughout his tenure.  His main responsibilities are the management of ESAA and the delivery of all ESAA events including RemTech and EnviroTech.

Joe has a Bachelor of Science (Specialized Physics) and a Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering) both from the University of Alberta

Joe is an avid traveler, loves spending time outdoors with nature, his wife Rami and their two dogs.  You can pretty much guaranteed that no matter where he goes, there will be a camera with him.  Joe is an amateur photographer, whose passion for nature comes out in his photographs.

Office Manager

Janelle Byma

Janelle Byma serves as the Executive Administrator. She has over 20 years experience in accounting, management and coordination work covering multiple industries and providing for a cross-sectoral understanding of work process. Janelle has been with ESAA for 10 years, holding many different roles throughout that time.]

Within ESAA, Janelle’s work includes day-to-day operations, accounting and assisting with both membership and events. Janelle is most passionate about her role as a coordinator for the Environmental Artworks Foundation of Alberta, working to increase environmental awareness in Alberta’s school system.