ESAA Cares

Since 1987, ESAA has been committed to giving back to the community we work in. From Muscular Dystrophy Canada to the Jane Goodall Foundation, we have chosen groups and organizations whose goals and objectives align with ESAA’s. Over the past 35 years, ESAA has supported spinal muscular atrophy research, food banks, burrowing owls, environmental artworks in schools, zoo conservation, orphaned wildlife, hurricane relief, river protection, clean water, malaria prevention, and many other causes.

ESAA has also encouraged our members to be active and giving members of their communities and they have risen to the occasion time and again.

Through our events, including the annual golf tournament, WaterTech, EnviroTech and RemTech, ESAA member and non-member attendees have raised over $960,000 for charity. 

In addition, when the devastating forest fire hit Fort McMurray, ESAA and our members contributed over $233,000 through cash and in-kind contributions in support of the victims.

In total, ESAA and ESAA members have raised over:

$1,196,800 and counting!

If you are a charity, community organization, or ESAA member that would like to collaborate on a community giving initiative with ESAA, please reach out via our contact us page.

Charities and Organizations Supported