EnviroTech 2019 & 2020 Proceedings

Proceedings from the past two EnviroTech conferences can be found below.   After each conference, the current year will be added and the oldest removed.  Older abstracts may be available upon request.


Regulatory Updates

  • Expert Witness Testimony –  Presentation
    John Georgakopoulos and Matthew Gardner, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP
  • Environmental Practice in 2020 – Balancing on a Tight Rope –  Presentation
    Jacquelyn Stevens, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP and Michelle Heffernan, Trace Associates
  • The Fisheries Act has changed, are you covered?Presentation
    Robert Best, Integrated Sustainability

GHG Management and Climate Change

  • GHGSat’s Latest Advances for Measuring Methane Emissions Using Airborne and Space Platforms – Presentation Not Available 
    Brody Wight, GHGSat Inc.
  • Reforestation in a Stressful and Uncertain Climate –  Presentation
    Jeff Renton, Tree Time Services
  • Alberta’s Technology Innovation and Emission Reduction (TIER) Regulation – Aggregate Facility Overview –  Presentation
    Anthony Pham, North Shore Environmental Consultants
  • Strategic Compliance with Federal and Provincial Methane Reduction RegulationsPresentation
    Dani Urton, Vertex Resource Group


  • Hydrogen Sulphide: Limits, Detection and Treatment –  Presentation
    Bill Berzins, West Earth Sciences
  • Phytoremediation – Salicornia Production with Produced WaterPresentation
    Hafeez Chishti and Tahir Rashid, EnviroLead
  • The Story Arc Model: Remediating a Gasoline-Impacted, Downstream Site in Central Alberta –   Presentation
    Brent Lennox, Waterline Resources
  • Innovations in Low-energy Water Treatment Using Geotextile Dewatering Systems for the Removal of Challenging Environmental Contaminants –  Presentation
    Kevin Bossy, Bishop Water Technologies Inc.
  • Lessons Learned from the Christie Park Community Drainage Improvement Project: Design to Post-Construction (Calgary, AB)Presentation
    Allisha Sordi
    Abel Leon, City of Calgary

Landfill Management / Design

  • Landfill Cell Design –  Presentation
    Trevor Mahoney, XCG Consultants
  • Using a Holistic Approach to Assessment and Management of an Historical Landfill  Presentation
    Frans Hettinga, Tetra Tech
    Mandi Parker, City of Lethbridge


  • Waste and Water Use Tracking and Compliance Management SystemPresentation
    Amit Bhargava and Mayank Singh, EnviroApps
  • The WIN System – A Suite of Tools for Resource Management Decision MakingPresentation
    John Diiwu, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
  • Regulator Variance Requests: A Tool for Site Closure – Presentation Not Available
    Jason Hampson, Trace Associates
  • Bridging the Gap between Large Environmental Data-sets and Sound Business Decision-making –   Presentation
    Lynette Esak and Brandon Smith, Analythium Solutions Inc.

A Little Bit of Everything

  • Subsoil Salinity Tool (SST) Version 3.0 – Insights into Producing More Robust Guidelines with Lower Remediation VolumesPresentation
    Greg Huber, Equilibrium Environmental
  • Optimizing your Dig with SST or SSRA – Methods for Reducing Remediation Costs –  Presentation Not Available
    Anthony Knafla, Equilibrium Environmental
  • Challenges in Air Quality Dispersion Modeling of Gravel Pits –  Presentation Not Available
    Piotr Staniaszek and Randy Rudolph, AECOM
  • Comparative Field Studies of Real-Time Soil Screening Techniques for Two Petroleum Hydrocarbon Sites – Presentation Not Available
    Preston Sorenson, Maapera Analytics

Emerging Contaminants

  • A Review of Environmental Management Considerations for Firefighting Foams Containing Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances –  Presentation
    Matthew Coady, SLR Consulting
  • An Equipment Manufacturer’s Perspective on PFAS Regulatory Guidance and Ambiguity for Groundwater Sampling –  Presentation
    Sandy Britt, QED Environmental Systems
  • PFAS Replacement Compounds: “The Next Generation” –  Presentation
    Terry Obal, Bureau Veritas Laboratories
  • Per- and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS): A Review “From PFOS to GenX” –  Presentation
    Terry Obal, Bureau Veritas Laboratories
  • PFAS Guidance – British Columbia’s Third-Best Export –  Presentation
    Lindsay Paterson and Ian Mitchell, SLR Consulting



  • Demolition  and Decommissioning 101 – Presentation
    Ryan Hope, Sublatus Environmental
  • Decommissioning – Legal Perspectives – Presentation
    Jacquelyn Stevens, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP
  • Decommissioning Oil and Gas Facilities And The Hazards Associated With Aging Infrastructure – Presentation
    Trevor Powell and Todd Nelson, JSK Consulting
  • Planning for Retirement – Decommissioning of Facilities, Pipelines and Wellheads – Presentation
    Shaun Roth , Summit, an Earth Services Company
  • Decommissioning of a former Wire Products Manufacturing Facility – Presentation Not Provided
    Elvie Reinson, Ballast Environmental Consulting
  • 2018 Results and 2019 Plan – Presentation
    Lars DePauw, Orphan Well Association

Regulatory / Legal

  • New Federal and Alberta Methane Regulations for the Upstream Oil and Gas Sector: Assessing Compliance Options for Regulated Facilities – Presentation
    Robert Mugo, Barr Engineering
  • Environmental Law Wars: Potential Impacts of the Federal versus Provincial Laws on the Environment and Climate Change – Presentation
    Chidinma Thompson, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
  • Environmental Prosecutions – Latest Cases and Defence Strategies – Presentation
    John Georgakopoulos and Jacquelyn Stevens, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers
  • AER: Updated Record of Site Condition – Presentation
    Daniel Pollard and Jake Sherlock, Alberta Energy Regulator

Climate Change

  • Thoughtful Landscapes in a Changing World – Presentation
    Fred Rozumalski, Barr Engineering
  • IPCC’s ‘Special Report: Global Warming of 1.5 °C’. A Primer for Albertans – Presentation
    Christian Reuten, RWDI

Impacts of Climate Change

  • Current and Future Impacts on Erosive Rainfall in Calgary, Alberta – Presentation
    Ben Ethier, City of Calgary 
  • Calgary Zoo Flood Mitigation: Groundwater Management and Dewatering on an Island – Presentation
    Soren Poschmann, ISL Engineering and Land Services


  • Measurement Errors of Nitrogen Dioxide using Heated Metal Converters in Chemiluminiscence Analyzers – Presentation
    Charles Odame-Ankrah, Global Analyzer Systems
  • Fenceline Monitoring (EPA 325), LDAR* & Fugitive Emissions: technology vs cost efficiency – Presentation
    Darlene Stastny, ALS
  • Catalytic Ozonation: A Promising Technology for Removal of VOCs from Air – Presentation
    Jafar Soltan, University of Saskatchewan and Ednali Zehavi , Saskatchewan Research Council
  • Managing Greenhouse Gas Liabilities Under Saskatchewan’s New ‘Prairie Resilience’ Large Emitters Program – Presentation
    Hillary Yeung & Cody Halleran, North Shore Environmental
  • Proposed Regulatory Changes to Alberta’s Continuous Emission Monitoring of Industrial Point Sources – Presentation
    Charles Grimm, Global Analyzer Systems
  • Cluster Analysis and Air Quality Effects of Policy Change – Presentation
    Sean Dawson and Kevin McCullum, Matrix Solutions

Spill Management

  • Case Study for Comprehensive Tier 2 Data Evaluation: How A Little Upfront Effort Can Save Millions on the Back-End –  Presentation
    Troy Lapohn, Matrix Solutions
  • Effective Sample Management During a Large-Scale Emergency Spill Response – Presentation
    Tara Murfitt & Jocelyn Fetter, Matrix Solutions

Land Stewardship

  • Footprint or Buffer? A Comparison of Regulatory Approaches for Managing Historical Resources for Linear Projects – Presentation
    Jennifer Russell, Enbridge and Kate Peach, Stantec
  • Archaeological Predictive Modelling: A Heritage Management Tool for Alberta Forestry – Presentation
    Reid Graham, Tree Time Services

Waste Management

  • Designing for Landfill Capacity – Presentation
    Chloe Stone, XCG Consultants
  • Impacted Soil – Resource or Waste? – Presentation
    Ian Mitchell and Tony Ciarla, Millennium EMS Solutions
  • Cost Savings, Recycling, and a Lower Carbon Footprint: On-Site Management of Hydrovac Slurry and Waste Water – Presentation
    Kale Haupt, Proactive Environmental Rentals
  • Latex Paint Recycling – Presentation
    Renee White, KBL Environmental

Salty Talks

  • A Collaboration of Technologies for Site Remediation in Naturally Occurring Saline Areas – Presentation
    Ken Grykuliak, Stantec
  • Road Salt Forensics: Using Cl-/Br- Ratios and Other Indicators to Assess and Differentiate Road Salt and Other Impacts in Groundwater – Presentation
    Heather Lord, Maxxam
  • Rapid Field Analysis of Electrical Conductivity, Chlorides, Sulfate and SAR and Automated Salinity Plume Visualization – Presentation
    Preston Sorenson, Maapera Analytics
  • Subsoil Salinity Tool (SST) Version 3.0 – Key Changes to Guideline Calculations, Software Tool Use, and Data Collection – Presentation
    Greg Huber, Equilibrium Environmental

Research, Technology and Analytics

  • Accurate and Quantifiable Characterization of Biogenic vs. Petrogenic Hydrocarbons in Soil – Presentation
    Heather Lord, Maxxam
  • Benzene Species in Crude Oil – Should We Analyze Them All? – Presentation
    Mahyar Sakari, AGAT Laboratories
  • Commercial Environmental DNA (eDNA) Assays: Sampling, Analysis and Data Interpretation – Presentation
    Aron Weir, Maxxam
  • Quantifying, Considering and Assessing Sound Levels within an Acoustic Environment. Is Alberta Behind? – Presentation
    Dan Clayton, SLR Consulting (Canada)
  • Applied Research for Simple Solutions to Environmental Liability Management – Presentation
    Ian Mitchell, Millennium EMS Solutions
  • Optimizing Site Locations to Reduce Long-Term Environmental Liabilities – Presentation
    Sheila Duchek, SNC-Lavalin
  • Increasing Efficiency through Implementing Field Technologies in a 93 Lot Phase I Environmental Site Assessment in Northern Alberta – Presentation
    Dana Thomsen, Dillon Consulting
  • Behaviour of Heavy Oil in a River – Presentation
    Shaun Toner, Matrix Solutions
  • Measuring Methane Emissions using Satellite and Airborne Instruments: Toward a Tiered Observation System – Presentation
    Warren Shaw, GHGSat Inc.
  • Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) for the Introduction of Lower Carbon Fuel (LCFs) at the Lafarge Exshaw Cement Facility – Presentation
    Deirdre Treissman & Janet Brygger Millennium EMS Solutions 


  • Bromacil Residues in Soil and Groundwater at Contaminated Sites – Do They Matter? – Presentation
    Karl Bresee, Intrinsik Corp
  • Alberta Industrial Heartland and Beverly Channel Groundwater Quality Baseline Study – Presentation
    Qunli Dai, Alberta Environment and Parks
  • Well Flow Dynamics During Groundwater Sampling: Factors Influencing Testing Results Using Purge and Passive Sampling Approaches – Presentation
    Sandy Britt, QED Environmental Systems
  • Remote and Northern Challenges Associated with Implementing a Large-Scale Groundwater Monitoring Program across the Northwest Territories – Presentation
    Beth Cowan, Dillon Consulting
  • Conceptual Site Model Re-Development and Discrete Fracture Network Modelling at a Contaminated Fractured Bedrock Site – Presentation
    Trevor Butterfield and Ranjeet Nagare , Advisian
  • Watercourse Crossing Restoration Using a Modular Open Bottom Culvert System – Presentation
    Ben Poltorak, Earthmaster Environmental Strategies

Water Management

  • Wastewater Treatment, using Short Rotation Willow Crops: A Win-Win for the Environment – Presentation
    Martin Labelle, Bionera
  • Case Study: Challenges with Algal Blooms and Their Impact on Water Treatment – Presentation
    Jeff Seaman, Trace Associates
  • Destruction of Emerging Contaminants in Water: Promises and Challenges of Catalytic Ozonation Technology – Presentation
    Jafar Soltan, University of Saskatchewan and Ednali Zehavi , Saskatchewan Research Council
  • AlfaFlash, Next Generation ZLD Technology for Maximizing Water Re-use and Minimizing Waste Disposal – Presentation
    Patrick Horner, Alfa Laval
  • Continuous Water Quality Monitoring Program – Presentation
    Robin Reese, AECOM