EnviroTech 2018 & 2019 Proceedings

This resource is free and searchable and contains103 technical presentation and case studies from a wide cross section of subjects from within in the environment industry.  This portion of the site will be updated after each event.



  • Demolition  and Decommissioning 101 – Presentation
    Ryan Hope, Sublatus Environmental
  • Decommissioning – Legal Perspectives – Presentation
    Jacquelyn Stevens, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP
  • Decommissioning Oil and Gas Facilities And The Hazards Associated With Aging Infrastructure – Presentation
    Trevor Powell and Todd Nelson, JSK Consulting
  • Planning for Retirement – Decommissioning of Facilities, Pipelines and Wellheads – Presentation
    Shaun Roth , Summit, an Earth Services Company
  • Decommissioning of a former Wire Products Manufacturing Facility – Presentation Not Provided
    Elvie Reinson, Ballast Environmental Consulting
  • 2018 Results and 2019 Plan – Presentation
    Lars DePauw, Orphan Well Association


Regulatory / Legal

  • New Federal and Alberta Methane Regulations for the Upstream Oil and Gas Sector: Assessing Compliance Options for Regulated Facilities – Presentation
    Robert Mugo, Barr Engineering
  • Environmental Law Wars: Potential Impacts of the Federal versus Provincial Laws on the Environment and Climate Change – Presentation
    Chidinma Thompson, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
  • Environmental Prosecutions – Latest Cases and Defence Strategies – Presentation
    John Georgakopoulos and Jacquelyn Stevens, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers
  • AER: Updated Record of Site Condition – Presentation
    Daniel Pollard and Jake Sherlock, Alberta Energy Regulator


Climate Change

  • Thoughtful Landscapes in a Changing World – Presentation
    Fred Rozumalski, Barr Engineering
  • IPCC’s ‘Special Report: Global Warming of 1.5 °C’. A Primer for Albertans – Presentation
    Christian Reuten, RWDI


Impacts of Climate Change

  • Current and Future Impacts on Erosive Rainfall in Calgary, Alberta – Presentation
    Ben Ethier, City of Calgary 
  • Calgary Zoo Flood Mitigation: Groundwater Management and Dewatering on an Island – Presentation
    Soren Poschmann, ISL Engineering and Land Services


  • Measurement Errors of Nitrogen Dioxide using Heated Metal Converters in Chemiluminiscence Analyzers – Presentation
    Charles Odame-Ankrah, Global Analyzer Systems
  • Fenceline Monitoring (EPA 325), LDAR* & Fugitive Emissions: technology vs cost efficiency – Presentation
    Darlene Stastny, ALS
  • Catalytic Ozonation: A Promising Technology for Removal of VOCs from Air – Presentation
    Jafar Soltan, University of Saskatchewan and Ednali Zehavi , Saskatchewan Research Council
  • Managing Greenhouse Gas Liabilities Under Saskatchewan’s New ‘Prairie Resilience’ Large Emitters Program – Presentation
    Hillary Yeung & Cody Halleran, North Shore Environmental
  • Proposed Regulatory Changes to Alberta’s Continuous Emission Monitoring of Industrial Point Sources – Presentation
    Charles Grimm, Global Analyzer Systems
  • Cluster Analysis and Air Quality Effects of Policy Change – Presentation
    Sean Dawson and Kevin McCullum, Matrix Solutions


Spill Management

  • Case Study for Comprehensive Tier 2 Data Evaluation: How A Little Upfront Effort Can Save Millions on the Back-End –  Presentation
    Troy Lapohn, Matrix Solutions
  • Effective Sample Management During a Large-Scale Emergency Spill Response – Presentation
    Tara Murfitt & Jocelyn Fetter, Matrix Solutions


Land Stewardship

  • Footprint or Buffer? A Comparison of Regulatory Approaches for Managing Historical Resources for Linear Projects – Presentation
    Jennifer Russell, Enbridge and Kate Peach, Stantec
  • Archaeological Predictive Modelling: A Heritage Management Tool for Alberta Forestry – Presentation
    Reid Graham, Tree Time Services


Waste Management

  • Designing for Landfill Capacity – Presentation
    Chloe Stone, XCG Consultants
  • Impacted Soil – Resource or Waste? – Presentation
    Ian Mitchell and Tony Ciarla, Millennium EMS Solutions
  • Cost Savings, Recycling, and a Lower Carbon Footprint: On-Site Management of Hydrovac Slurry and Waste Water – Presentation
    Kale Haupt, Proactive Environmental Rentals
  • Latex Paint Recycling – Presentation
    Renee White and Shawn Samborsky, KBL Environmental


Salty Talks

  • A Collaboration of Technologies for Site Remediation in Naturally Occurring Saline Areas – Presentation
    Ken Grykuliak, Stantec
  • Road Salt Forensics: Using Cl-/Br- Ratios and Other Indicators to Assess and Differentiate Road Salt and Other Impacts in Groundwater – Presentation
    Heather Lord, Maxxam
  • Rapid Field Analysis of Electrical Conductivity, Chlorides, Sulfate and SAR and Automated Salinity Plume Visualization – Presentation
    Preston Sorenson, Maapera Analytics
  • Subsoil Salinity Tool (SST) Version 3.0 – Key Changes to Guideline Calculations, Software Tool Use, and Data Collection – Presentation
    Greg Huber, Equilibrium Environmental

Research, Technology and Analytics

  • Accurate and Quantifiable Characterization of Biogenic vs. Petrogenic Hydrocarbons in Soil – Presentation
    Heather Lord, Maxxam
  • Benzene Species in Crude Oil – Should We Analyze Them All? – Presentation
    Mahyar Sakari, AGAT Laboratories
  • Commercial Environmental DNA (eDNA) Assays: Sampling, Analysis and Data Interpretation – Presentation
    Aron Weir, Maxxam
  • Quantifying, Considering and Assessing Sound Levels within an Acoustic Environment. Is Alberta Behind? – Presentation
    Dan Clayton, SLR Consulting (Canada)
  • Applied Research for Simple Solutions to Environmental Liability Management – Presentation
    Ian Mitchell, Millennium EMS Solutions
  • Optimizing Site Locations to Reduce Long-Term Environmental Liabilities – Presentation
    Sheila Duchek, SNC-Lavalin
  • Increasing Efficiency through Implementing Field Technologies in a 93 Lot Phase I Environmental Site Assessment in Northern Alberta – Presentation
    Dana Thomsen, Dillon Consulting
  • Behaviour of Heavy Oil in a River – Presentation
    Shaun Toner, Matrix Solutions
  • Measuring Methane Emissions using Satellite and Airborne Instruments: Toward a Tiered Observation System – Presentation
    Warren Shaw, GHGSat Inc.
  • Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) for the Introduction of Lower Carbon Fuel (LCFs) at the Lafarge Exshaw Cement Facility – Presentation
    Deirdre Treissman & Janet Brygger Millennium EMS Solutions 



  • Bromacil Residues in Soil and Groundwater at Contaminated Sites – Do They Matter? – Presentation
    Karl Bresee, Intrinsik Corp
  • Alberta Industrial Heartland and Beverly Channel Groundwater Quality Baseline Study – Presentation
    Qunli Dai, Alberta Environment and Parks
  • Well Flow Dynamics During Groundwater Sampling: Factors Influencing Testing Results Using Purge and Passive Sampling Approaches – Presentation
    Sandy Britt, QED Environmental Systems
  • Remote and Northern Challenges Associated with Implementing a Large-Scale Groundwater Monitoring Program across the Northwest Territories – Presentation
    Beth Cowan, Dillon Consulting
  • Conceptual Site Model Re-Development and Discrete Fracture Network Modelling at a Contaminated Fractured Bedrock Site – Presentation
    Trevor Butterfield and Ranjeet Nagare , Advisian
  • Watercourse Crossing Restoration Using a Modular Open Bottom Culvert System – Presentation
    Ben Poltorak, Earthmaster Environmental Strategies


Water Management

  • Wastewater Treatment, using Short Rotation Willow Crops: A Win-Win for the Environment – Presentation
    Martin Labelle, Bionera
  • Case Study: Challenges with Algal Blooms and Their Impact on Water Treatment – Presentation
    Jeff Seaman, Trace Associates
  • Destruction of Emerging Contaminants in Water: Promises and Challenges of Catalytic Ozonation Technology – Presentation
    Jafar Soltan, University of Saskatchewan and Ednali Zehavi , Saskatchewan Research Council
  • AlfaFlash, Next Generation ZLD Technology for Maximizing Water Re-use and Minimizing Waste Disposal – Presentation
    Patrick Horner, Alfa Laval
  • Continuous Water Quality Monitoring Program – Presentation
    Robin Reese, AECOM


Regulatory Update Session

  • Managing Environmental Risk and Liabilities – Presentation
    Matt Gardner, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP
  • NRCB Update – Presentation
    Peter Woloshyn, Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB)
  • Disposal of Hyrdovac Slurry – Presentation
    Rick Berkenbosch and James Jorgensen, Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP)
  • Rick Management Plan Guide and Brownfield Updates – Presentation
    Brian Lambert, Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP)
  • UPDATE: Changes to Federal Environmental Assessment and Regulatory Legislation – Presentation
    Shailaz Dhalla, Lawson Lundell LLP
  • Integrated Decision Approach and OneStop Updates and examining a New Lifecycle Closure Approach to Liability Reduction – Presentation Not Available
    Kevin Ball, Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)



  • Unique Techniques for Determining Salt Impacts or Other Fracking Contamination Using Multiple Forensic Fingerprinting Programs – Presentation
    Stephanie Hoeppner, Life Sciences Forensics
  • Forensic Ecotoxicology: Toxicity Associated with Halogenated Tolyltriazoles Isolated From Industrial Cooling Towers – Presentation
    Deib Birkholz, DA Birkholz consulting
  • Whose PAH is This? – Presentation
    Phil Richards, Chemistry Matters
  • Unscrambling Contaminant Mixtures to Determine their Chemical Fingerprints – Presentation
    Court Sandu, Chemistry Matters



  • Diesel Particulate Matter and Health Risk: What to do About it? – Presentation
    Karl Bresee, Intrinsik Corp
  • Reducing Measurement Complexity and Costs in NOX Abatement Systems – Presentation
    Charles Odame-Ankrah,  Global Analyzer Systems
  • Dispersion Modeling to Address Air Quality during Remediation of Hydrocarbon Impacted Soils – Presentation
    Cody Halleran and Pippa Cookson-Hills, North Shore Environmental Consultants
  • A Data Quality Investigation Method for Ambient Ozone Data Collected from an Air Monitoring Station in Alberta – Presentation
    Long Fu, Alberta Environment and Parks


PTAC Session

  • Clean Resource Innovation Network – A Game Pan to Decouple GHG Emissions from Production and End Use Activities – Presentation
    Soheil Asgarpour, PTAC
  • Methane Research and Technology Roadmap – Presentation
    Wayne Hillier, CAPP
  • Fugitive Emissions Management Program Effectiveness Program Assessment – Presentation
    Sean Hiebert, Cenovus
  • Low Probability Receptor – Presentation
    Stephen Bromley, Husky Energy
    Deirdre Treissman, Millennium EMS Solutions


Human Health

  • Evaluation of Potential Health Effects Associated with Noise from a Proposed Multi-lane Bridge and Highway Expansion Project – Presentation
    Ron Haley, Hemmera
  • Assessing the Virus Reduction/Inactivation by UV during Municipal Wastewater Treatment – Presentation
    Judy Qiu, University of Alberta
  • Detection of Enteric Viruses in Groundwater in Alberta  – Presentation
    Xiaoli Lilly Pang, University of Alberta
  • Human Health Assessment Support for the 2016 Horse River Wildfire Response – Presentation
    Deirdre Treissman, Millennium EMS Solutions



  • Recreating a Prairie Slough to Manage a Salt Impacted Site – Presentation
    Bryce Reiter, Advisian
  • Artificial Wetland Creation as a Cost Effective Reclamation Strategy – Presentation
    Ben Poltorak, Earthmaster Environmental



  • Calculating Mass Discharge to a Stream Using Natural Temperature Signals – Presentation
    Nelson Giraldo and Paul Martin, Matrix Solutions
  • Flood Effect on Groundwater Seepage on Typical Sand and Gravel Aquifer in the City of Calgary Area – Presentation
    Mundzir Basri, Stantec
  • Challenges in Characterization of 3D Groundwater Flow and Transport at Contaminated Sites – Presentation
    Yong Li, Millennium EMS Solutions
  • Numerical Groundwater Flow and Thermal Transport Modeling in Cold Climate Regions – Presentation
    Mundzir Basri, Stantec
  • What is Long-Term Sustainable Well Yield and How Should we Calculate it Using the Modified Moell Method? – Presentation
    Joel Defoe, Waterline Resources
  • Hydrogeologic Considerations of Low Impact Development – Presentation
    Blake Hiebert, Waterline Resources
  • In-Situ Groundwater Nitrification and De-Nitrification Remediation Processes – From Bench Scale Testing to Full Scale Remediation – Presentation
    Steve Mailath, Trace Associates


Stakeholder Engagement

  • Land Development: Reclamation/Remediation Stakeholders in a Challenging Economy – Presentation
    Jim Purves, North Shore Environmental Consultants
  • Proactive Water Communication by Oil and Gas Operators in the Lochend Area – Presentation
    Blaire MacAulay, Baseline Water



  • Improving Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation, Costs, and Environmental Performance through Ultrafiltration – Presentation
    Priyanka Kaura, Clean Industrial Technologies
  • Wastewater Treatment of Fine Sediment-Laden Water Using Mobile Ceramic Membrane Treatment Technology – Presentation
    Pierre Breau, Beaver Municipal Solutions
  • Synthetic Water Calibration for Water Quality Parameters & Water Treatment Program Validation – Presentation
    Cecilia Garcia Marra, McCue Engineering Contractors



  • A New Approach: Decreasing the Environmental Impact and Cost of Remediation Projects Through on-site Slurry Drying & Separation – Presentation
    Craig Jones, BOS Solutions
  • Valorization of Biofuel Byproducts – Presentation
    Shawn Samborsky, KBL Environmental
  • Why do Things Differently? Improved Methods of Handling Drilling waste and Hydrovac Slurry – Presentation
    Darryl Lasenby, Clean Industrial Technologies
  • Injection Well Field Optimization using Analytical Methods – Presentation
    Sheila Duchek, SNC Lavalin


Climate Change

  • Industrial Energy Efficiency – Presentation
    D.M Stoneman, ICF
  • Predicting Local Climate Outcomes – Presentation
    Lisa Neville, Enviro-Verse
  • Climate Change Adaptation in Today’s Oil and Gas Industry: A Case Study in Water Resource Management – Presentation
    Sandy Thompson, SLR Consulting
  • Reaching Methane Reduction Targets in Canada – Are we really? – Presentation
    Kimberley O’Neill, SLR Consulting
  • Cap and Trade – Opportunities and Impacts – Greening for the Next 150 Years – Presentation
    Jacquelyn Stevens, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers
  • The New Sustainable Development Goals – Presentation
    Geetha Ramesh, Advisian


Laboratory Data, Sampling and Technology

  • Biogenic Compound Quantification and Removal by Use of Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography – Presentation
    Matt Endsin, AGAT Laboratories
  • Water Sampling and Characterization – Doing More with Less – Presentation
    Doug Johnson, ALS
  • Measurement Uncertainty: A Practical Guide to Understanding What your Results Really Mean… – Presentation
    Bryce Reiter, Advisian
    Terry Obal, Maxxam


Water Management

  • How to Maintain a Good Relationship with your Water Supply – Presentation
    Brent Morin, Waterline Resources
  • Water Intake Suitability for Water Act Term Licences – A Case Study – Presentation
    Robert Best, Integrated Sustainability



  • Seedling Role in Successful Reclamation of Forested Sites – Presentation
    Jeff Renton and Mike Toffan, Tree Time Services
  • Impacts of Industrial Disturbances on Plant Communities in the Native Mixed grass Prairies of Alberta – Presentation
    Raj Goutam, ATCO Electric