RemTech 2008 Presentations

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Pre-Conference Workshops

Federal Contaminated Sites – Innovative Remediation Solutions Workshop

  • Overview of the Federal Contaminated Sites Program and Synopsis of Federal Contaminated Sites Issues –  Presentation
    Edward Domijan – Public Works & Government Services Canada Amy Sparks, Environment Canada
  • Metal Encapsulation Technology Presentation
    George Ivey – Ivey International Inc.
  • Surfactant Enhanced Remediation –  Presentation
    George Ivey – Ivey International Inc.
  • Mixed Plume Remediation using EHC In-Situ Chemical Reduction and Oxidation TechnologiesPresentation
    John Vogan – Adventus Americas Inc
  • Mixing, Monitoring, and Safely Injecting Oxidants or Amendments into the Subsurface Presentation
    Barry Nevokshonoff- Sequoia Environmental Remediation Inc.
  • Soil Remediation of a Former Tank Farm in Tuktoyaktuk –  Presentation
    Philipe Gingras – Biogenie
  • FOX-C Ekalugad Fjord Intermediate DEW Line Site Mid-Station Dump Lobe B “Excavation” Presentation
    Mark Yetman – INAC / Greg Johnson – Qikiqtaaluk Corporation

Technology Funding Options Workshop

  • The Technology Commercialization Puzzle: Putting the Pieces TogetherPresentation
    Joe Lukacs, CETAC-WEST
  • Lean Leadership in the Services Sector Presentation
    Anurag Pandey, Alberta Finance and Enterprise
  • Bringing Technology to Market – Alberta’s Technology Commercialization Action Plan Presentation
    Tim Olsen, Alberta Advanced Education and Technology
  • Alberta Ingenuity Fund – Program Overview Presentation
    Candice Berezan and Kirk Rockwell, Alberta Ingenuity Fund
  • The SR&ED Program: Is it right for you? Presentation
    Douglas Clay, Canada Revenue Agency – SR&ED Tax Credit
  • Make the Connection: Finance & Business Support Presentation
    Glenn MacDonell, Industry Canada
  • Bridging the Innovation Gap – Critical Seed Funding for Technology Development & Demonstration Presentation
    Zoltan Tompa, SDTC

Chemistry Workshop

  • Environmental Chemistry Made Easy A New Perspective on Water, Contaminant Solubility and Sorption, and Introduction to Surfactants in Remediation Presentation
    George (Bud) Ivey, Ivey International Inc.

Conference Technical Sessions

Opening Keynote

  • Give Me Refuge: From the ‘Most Contaminated Square Mile on Earth’ to the Premier Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge
    – Presentation
    Laura Williams, Remedial Project Manager, U.S. EPA Region 8


  • Remediation of LNAPL Contaminated Fractured Bedrock Using a Bioreactor Study in Southern Alberta Presentation
    Jennifer Arnold, Stantec
  • Enhanced Bioremediation Field Experience: Using Observed Half Lives in Design and Prediction – Presentation
    Joanna Moreno, Adventus Group
  • Design of Bioaugmented Biobarriers for Remediation of a TCE Plume Presentation
    Carol E. Aziz, Geosyntec Consultants, Inc
  • Coupled ISCO-Bio via Activated Persulfate and Timed Oxygen Release using a Sodium persulfate/calcium peroxide matrix Presentation
    Frank Sessa, FMC Peroxygens

Military Sites and Gun Ranges

  • Remediation Technologies – A New Challenge and New OpportunitiesPresentation
    Jonathon Preston. DND UXO and Legacy Sites Program National Defence
  • Remediation of a Former Canadian Forces Base in Chatham, New Brunswick – Presentation
    Guy Lavoie, Biogenie S.R.D.C. Inc.
  • Case Study – Innovative Methods Used to Investigate and Remediate Lead Contaminated Soil at the Strathcona Shooting Range, Edmonton, ABPresentation
    Don Roy, Earth Tech Canada
  • CAM-F Intermediate DEW Line Site Clean-up Sarcpa Lake, NunavutPresentation
    Jeff Dirks, Biogenie S.R.D.C. Inc.

Technology from the Netherlands – Update

  • Initial Steps Towards a Close Co-operation Between Canada and The Netherlands in Soil and Groundwater Remediation Issues – Presentation
    Hans van Duijne, Deltares-TNO
  • Advanced In Situ Remediation Technologies in The Netherlands: An overview based on actual projects Presentation
    Yvo Veenis, Groundwater Technology BV
  • Environmental Dredging Equipment Presentation
    David Tenwolde, Damen Dredging Equipment
  • Optimizing In-Situ Chemical Oxidation of Residual DNAPL: Geochemical Controls and Sediment Oxidant Demand Presentation
    Niels Hartog, Deltares-TNO

Sydney Tar Ponds Update and FCMs Green Municipal Fund

  • Sydney Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens Cleanup – Project Overview Presentation
    Roger Larkin, Sydney Tar Ponds Agency
  • Solidification/Stabilzation of Sydney Tar Ponds – Presentation
    Bruce Noble, Earth Tech AECOM
  • FCM Green Municipal Fund Brownfield call for application Presentation
    Jas Michalski, Federation of Canadian Municipalities


  • The Theorgy Behind the Art Technology Scusses in Treating Petroleum & Chlorinated Compounds, MTBE and 1,4 Dioxane Presentation
    Marco Odah, Accelerated Remediation Technologies, Inc
  • Rethinking the “Interim Measure” Strategy for LNAPL Remediation Projects Presentation
    Matthew Rousseau, Conestogra-Rovers & Associates
  • To Be or Not to Be a DUA? A Critical Review of Procedures Used to Identify Domestic Use Aquifers Presentation
    Tai T. Wong, O’Connor Associates Environmental Inc.
  • In Situ Chemical Oxidation of Gasoline Compounds Using Persulfate Presentation
    Kammy Sra, University of Waterloo
  • LNAPL Remediation via Horizontal Biosparging Wells Facilitates Property Redevelopment Presentation
    Derek W. Tomlinson, ERM
  • Tracer Testing Techniques to Support Design and Operation of In Situ Remediation Systems – Presentation
    Craig E. Divine, ARCADIS U.S., Inc
  • Pilot Test of In Situ Chemical Oxidation Technologies Leads to Improved Understanding of Immediate and Midterm Geochemical Response and Contaminant Destruction Within Petroleum Hydrocarbon Plume – Presentation
    James E. Studer, ChemRem International LLC
  • Soil Spatial Variability Implications for In Situ Chemical Oxidation and Reduction Remediation Programs – Presentation
    Bruce Tunnicliffe, Vertex Environmental Solutions Inc.

Phytoremediation and Natural Attenuation

  • Successful field and laboratory tests of advanced phytoremediation systems for decontamination of petroleum and salt impacted soils Presentation
    Bruce M. Greenberg, University of Waterloo
  • Phytoremediation as an On Site Ex Situ Remediation Option Presentation
    Gary Millard, Shell Canada Products
  • Numerical Assessment of Monitored Natural Attenuation Using Source Depletion as a Variable Loading Factor – Presentation
    Bonnie Derksen, EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.

Solidification / Stabilization

  • Two Projects, One City, One Solution: S/S Presentation
    Ernie Stine, Shaw Environmental and Infrastructure
  • Site Remediation and Hazardous Waste Management With Presumptive Remedies Under BC Regulatory Provisions Using Cement-Based Solidification / Stabilization
    John H. Wiens, SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd.
  • Removing Hydrocarbons from Soil more Cost Effectively than other Conventional Thermal Technologies is now Further Enhanced when you can Create Viable Recycling Alternatives – Presentation
    Chris Harper, CHH Consulting

Vapour Management

  • Vapor Barriers: Chemical Compatibility, Testing, and Advancements in Materials Science – Presentation
    Todd Herrington, Regenesis
  • Case Studies: Use of Alternate Vapour Flow Media for Vapour Management Systems for New Building Construction Presentation
    Sean Ezekiel, AMEC Earth & Environmental
  • Design of Below Sub-slab Vapour Management System For a Commercial Building Presentation
    Charito Canero, Golder Associates Ltd.


  • Chemical Recovery via Vapor Condensation (A “Green Remediation” Approach): The Next Generation Soil Vapor Extraction Off-Gas Treatment Technology Presentation
    Lowell Kessel, G.E.O. Inc.
  • Remediation of Perfluorinated Alkyl Compounds at a Former Fire Fighting Training Area– Presentation
    Lindsay Paterson, SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd.
  • Off-Gas Treatment Carbon Footprint Calculator: Form and Function Presentation
    Lowell Kessel, G.E.O. Inc.

Unique Situations

  • Ex Situ Chemical Oxidation in Canadian Winter Conditions – Presentation
    Dennis Owens, Oxy Teknologies Inc.
  • A Cooperative Approach to the Management and Remediation of a Former Oil Refinery Site on the Banks of the Bow River Presentation
    Trent Parks, The City of Calgary
  • Remediation in and Under Buildings Presentation
    David Isopo, Quantum Remediation

Alberta Environment Updates

  • Update on Alberta Environment’s Remediation and Reclamation Initiatives Presentation
    Darlene Howat, Alberta Environment
  • Draft Alberta Environmental Site Assessment Guidelines – Presentation
    Norman Sawatsky, Alberta Environment
  • An Update on Alberta Environment’s 2008 Draft Soil Monitoring Directive Presentation
    Chi Chen, Alberta Environment

Frameworks and Tools

  • Making Use of the New Alberta Tier 2 Guideline Framework in Remediation Planning – Presentation
    Miles Tindal, Axiom Environmental Inc.
  • n-Hexane, Why is a Separate Guideline Being Developed for this Substance and Why is it Being Considered for Oil and Gas Impacted Sites? – Presentation
    Anthony Knafla, Equilibrium Environmental Inc.
  • How to “Unlock” Value to Remediate and Redevelop Gasoline Stations Presentation
    Tammy Lomas-Jylha, OCETA


  • Environmental Forensic Principles for Source Allocation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons – Presentation
    Gwen O’Sullivan, TRIUM Environmental Solutions Inc.
  • The Use of DNA Technologies in Determining the Biotreatability of Chlorinated Aliphatic Hydrocarbons – Presentation
    Annemarie Douglas, HydroQual Laboratories Ltd.
  • Assessment and Remediation of a Historical Pipeline Release: Tools, Techniques and Technologies applied to In-situ/Ex-situ Soil and Groundwater Remediation – Presentation
    Neil Reid, EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.


  • Surfactant Enhanced Bioremediation of F3 and F4 Contaminated Soils Presentation
    George A. Ivey, Ivey International Inc.
  • Geochemical Conceptual Site Models Validated by Speciation Data to Support In Situ Treatment Strategies for Metals – Presentation
    Miranda Logan, ARCADIS U.S., Inc.
  • Performance Comparison of Aerobic and Anaerobic In-situ Treatment Approaches Presentation
    Kim Heinze, Arcadis U.S., Inc.