RemTech 2017 Presentations

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  • Tier 2 Pathway Elimination and Guideline Modification for Remediation Certificate Application
    Ken Sherley, Ridgeline Environment – Presentation
  • Planning for Reclamation During Remediation
    Chris Tenszen, Trace Associates – Presentation
  • Risk-Based Closure for Wellsites in Northeast British Columbia
    Erik Martin, Secure Energy Services – Presentation
  • Ecological Risk Assessment of Oil Sands Reclamation and Closure Landscapes
    Bart  Koppe, Intrinsik – Presentation
  • Salinity Tolerance of Regional Native Plant and Soil Amendment Potential for Reclamation
    Jean-Marie Sobze, NAIT – Presentation
  • Cost Effective Tier 2 Remediation Guidelines for a Salt Contaminated Site in an Urban Development
    Eric van Gaalen, Trace Associates– Presentation
  • Resolving False PHC Detections in Crude Contaminated Amazon Rainforest Peat Soils
    Francince Kelly-Hooper, CH2M Hill Canada – Presentation
  • A Multi-Faceted Tier 2 Approach to Achieving Site Closure
    Jim Purves, North Shore Environmental – Presentation
  • Those Stubborn Sterilants – Environmental Management of Sites Impacted with Bromacil, Dicamaba and Tebuthiuron in Alberta
    Barry Rakewich, Nichols Environmental 


  • In Situ, Low Temperature Thermal Remediation of LNAPL with Pesticides and Other Recalcitrant Compounds
    Jay Dablow, ERM – Presentation
  • Soil Biostabilization -Paradigm shift: In Situ Improvement of Physical Properties & Remediation of Contamination using Natural Biology
    Yvo Veenis, Groundwater Technology BV – Presentation
  • “Case Study: Beneficial Reuse of Soils – Treating Pesticide Impacted Soil In-Situ”
    Bruce Tunnicliffe, Vertex Environmental – Presentation
  • In Situ Solidification and Stabilization of Coal Combustion Residuals: Bench-Scale Study Results & Pond Closure Potential
    Tony Moran, Geo-Solutions –– Presentation
  • Low-Impact In-Situ Pilot Using Simple Additive Delivery Leads to Full-Scale Biostimulation Strategy for Destruction of Residual cVOCs
    Kent Armstrong, TerraStryke Products– Presentation
  • Remediation of Chlorinated Solvents in Groundwater using Carbon Amendments: Analytical Challenges and Solutions
    Heather Lord, Maxxam Analytics – Presentation
  • Extended Release Potassium Persulfate: Laboratory and Field Applications
    Brant Smith, PeroxyChem – Presentation
  • Regulatory-Directed Combined Remedy Approach for Chlorinated Vapor Intrusion/Mitigation and Groundwater Remediation under a Residential Neighborhood
    Tom Szocinski, Land Science – Presentation
  • Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in Clay Underneath a Factory: a Challenge to Remediate
    Yvo Veenis, Groundwater Technology BV – Presentation


  • Operationalizing Phytoremediation: Best Management Practices
    Cheryl Hendrickson, LandSaga Biogeographical – Presentation
  • Phytoremediation for the Mature Anthropocene: A Biogeographical Perspective
    Cheryl Hendrickson, LandSaga Biogeographical – Presentation
  • Remote Northern and Dryland Phytoremediation of Contaminated Soil
    Elizabeth Murray, Earthmaster Environmental – Presentation

Emerging Contaminants

  • PFAS – Industry Update and Facility Management Considerations
    Shalene Thomas, Amec Foster Wheeler – Presentation
  • Evaluation of the Petroleum Vapor Intrusion Risk of Ethylene Dibromide (EDB) and 1,2 Dichloroethane (1,2 DCA)
    June Lu, SNC-Lavalin – Presentation
  • Emerging Contaminants: Per- and Polyfluoralkyl Substances (PFAS) Global Regulatory Status and Drivers for Action
    Shalene Thomas. Amec Foster Wheeler – Presentation

Data Collection

  • Application of CEN Methodology in Evaluating Sources of Multiple Land-Based Fuel Spills in Alberta
    Deib Birkholz, D.A. Birkholz, Analytical Consultant, Inc. – Presentation
  • Integrated Monitoring’: Buzz Word or Basic Cconcept for Environmental Monitoring Programs?
    Sheila Duchek ,SNC-Lavalin – Presentation
  • Spatial Tool for Spill Plume Visualization and Data Management
    Paul Fuellbrandt, ATCO Electric – Presentation

Unique Sites

  • Building a Culture of Safety at Faro Mine Complex
    James Carss, Parsons
    Thaidra Sloane, Energy, Mines, and Resources, Government of Yukon – Presentation
  • Characterizing the Influence of Clay Pads on Toluene Biogenesis in Peatlands
    Jenet Dooley, Solstice Canada – Presentation
  • Challenges in the Environmental Assessment and Development of Risk Based Corrective Actions Associated with an Abandoned Uranium Satellite Site – Lorado Mine Site, Uranium City, Saskatchewan
    Janice  Paslawski, SNC-Lavalin – Presentation
  • The use of a Performance Based Approach for Environmental Remediation at the Moisie Former Royal Canadian Air Force Radar Station
    Yvan Pouliot, SNC-Lavalin – Presentation
  • Giant Mine Remediation Project Update
    Craig Wells, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada – Presentation
  • Decommissioning and Remediating a Former Oil Exploration Logistics Base at Tununuk Point (BAR-C)
    Masten Brolsma, Advisian
    Ramy Rahbani, Imperial Oil– Presentation
  • Dioxin Degradation and Metal Biovolatilization at a Former Wood Treating Site
    Leslie Hardy, Amec Foster Wheeler – Presentation
  • Remediation of a Former Unofficial Dumpsite in the Columbia National Wildlife Area
    Kalina Noel, SLR Consulting – Presentation

EMA of BC Perspectives

  • Not So Rare Earth Elements – Prevalence, Analysis and Remediation Strategies
    Bryan Shaw and Susannah Kennedy, CARO Analytical Services – Presentation
  • Economical Approach to Treatment of Soluble and Particulate As, Cu, Zn, and Cr in Stormwater Runoff to Meet BCWQGs AW
    Elena Ranyuk, Stormtec


  • Cost and Feasibility Study of Amendment Products for Bioremediation of PHC Impacted Peat Soils
    John Banks, Matrix Solutions– Presentation
  • Enhanced Bio-Remediation of Heavy Petroleum Hydrocarbons and PAHs through Specific Stimulations of Endogenous Micro-Oorganisms
    Jean Pare, Chemco – Presentation


  • Investigation of Sulfolane Extraction, Analysis and Sorption/Desorption with Relevance to Alberta Forest Soils and Associated Groundwater
    Sheila Luther, Matrix Solutions
    Nahid Hassanvand-Gandaei, University of Calgary – Presentation
  • Degradation of Sulfolane in Soil using Aerobic Bio-Pile Technology
    Linlong Yu, University of Calgary – Presentation


  • Soil Stabilization/Solidification Technology as a Cost Effective Tool for Heavy Metal Risk Management
    BJ Min, TRIUM Environmental – Presentation
  • Performance of a Large-Scale Reductant Amended Backfill for Groundwater Remediation at a Former Chromate Ore Processing Facility
    Lucas Hellerich, AECOM – Presentation

Canadian Brownfields Networks

  • The Dirt on Excess Soil Developments across Canada – How will Brownfields be Affected?
    John Georgakopoulos and Jacquelyn Stevens, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP – Presentation
  • Alberta’s New Brownfield Coordination Office
    Lisa Fairweather, Alberta Environment and Parks – PPresentation
  • Brownfield Redevelopment – Lessons Learned from the West Don Lands
    Krista Barfoot, CH2M – Presentation
  • Soil Reuse Strategies along Toronto’s Waterfront
    Meggen Janes, Waterfront Toronto – Presentation
  • Revitalization of Contaminated Mall Using Multi-Technology Approach
    Bruce Tunnicliffe, Vertex Environmental – Presentation
  • Mistakes or Learning Experiences? Evolution of Chlorinated Solvents Remediation in Brownfields
    Tyler Mahn, XCG Consulting Limited – Presentation
  • Remediation of Low Concentration Perchloroethylene Impacts at Former Dry Cleaning Facility Using In-Situ Chemical Oxidation
    Kevin Shipley, XCG Consulting Limited – Presentation
  • Turning Soil Liabilities into Opportunities
    Rob Shogren, Lafarge North America – Presentation


  • Slurry-Supported Excavation (“Liquid Shoring”) for Soil Removal without Mechanical Excavation Support, Dewatering or Backfill Import/Compaction
    Pete Craig, Canada Geo-Solutions – Presentation
  • Assessment of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in a Remote and Eco-sensitive Environment using Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) and a Low Impact Mobile Drill Rig (LIMB DRIG)
    Ben Sweet, SCG Industries– Presentation
  • STARx (Ex Situ Smouldering) for the Treatment of Contaminated Soils and Liquid Organic Wastes – From Prototype to Full Scale Application
    Grant Scholes, Savron – Presentation

BCEIA Perspectives

  • Better Planning and Preparation: Lessons Learned from Spill Response and How to Improve the Outcome
    Darrell Desjardin and Jason Azzam, Hemmera – Presentation
  • Evaluating Natural Source Zone Depletion at Petroleum Hydrocarbon Sites – New Toolkit of Technologies
    Parisa Jourabchi, Golder Associates – Presentation
  • Latest Developments on How Remediation Affects Environmental Sentencing
    Wally Braul and Mark Youden, Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP
  • Surfactant Enhanced Extraction to Expedite Remediation of a Carbon Tetrachloride Source Zone at an Active Grain Elevator Facility
    George (Bud) Ivey, Ivey International
    Eric Dulle, Burns & McDonnell – Presentation


  • Landfill and Contaminated Soil Closure Alternatives
    Vincent Diviacchi, GSE Environmental – Presentation
  • Landfill Remediation East Calgary Waste Management Facility Phase 9, Calgary, Alberta
    Tom Jacklin, Advisian – Presentation

Lessons Learned

  • In Situ Smoldering Combustion (STAR) for the Treatment of Contaminated Soils: Challenges Encountered & Lessons Learned In Providing a New Remediation Technology to the Industry
    Gavin Grant, Savron – Presentation
  • Tools for Monitoring Contaminant Biodegradation when Combined with Colloidal Activated Carbon
    Ashley Cedzo, Regenesis – Presentation
  • Novel In-Situ Adsorptive Method to Address Vinyl Chloride Risk
      Nathan Lichti, Vertex Environmental – Presentation
  • Remote Northern Project Challenges – A Discussion on more than a Decade of Environmental Work in the North
    Nicole Wills, Klohn Crippen Berger – Presentation


  • Reduced Sulfur Compounds in Sediments and Soils
    Nathan Scott, AGAT Laboratories – Presentation
  • Chlorinated Solvent Impacts in Volatile F1 Petroleum Hydrocarbon Groundwater Data: Is it Significant and What can be Done About It?
    Heather Lord, Maxxam Analytics – Presentation

Spill Response

  • Challenges and Learnings from Condensate Spill in Muskeg
    Stephanie Neilson, Murphy Oil
    Clayton Robinson, Matrix Solutions –– Presentation
  • Remote and Difficult Spill Response: From the Arctic to the Badlands
    Sherree Dallyn, SWAT Consulting – Presentation

Vapour Management

  • Application of Positive Building Pressure to Mitigate Sub-Slab Vapour
    Chris Lach, SNC-Lavalin
  • Superheated In Situ Thermal Treatment of Comingled SVOCs/VOCs Sites with Simultaneous Vapor Treatment Applying GTR (Gas Thermal Remediation)-Oxidation Technology
    Xiaosong Chen, GEO – Presentation

Ontario Updates

  • Greening Analysis with Greater Efficiency: Greener Sample Preparation and Analysis Advancements for Complex Environmental Samples
    Adrienne Boden, Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change – Presentation


  • Strategic Closure Planning using Decision Analysis at Nexen’s Balzac Gas Plant (Unlocking Capital in Times of Fiscal Constraint:)
    Wes Funk, DXD Consulting
    Lawrence Tulissi, Nexen – Presentation
  • Dartmouth Refinery Dismantlement
    Ramy Rahbani, Imperial Oil
    Chris Ptak, Tervita – Presentation

Something Different

  • Phosphogypsum Stack Reclamation in Alberta
    Connie Nichol, Agrium – Presentation
  • Fate and Transport of Wheat in A River System: Research and Development in the Context of a Grain Derailment‎ Response Strategy
    Loni  Waldner, Golder Associates
    Corey Johnston, CN – Presentation