RemTech 2018 Presentations

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AEP / AER Workshop

Project Management and Logistics

  • Remediation in a Unique and Challenging Location: Creating a Remedial Solution for a Benzene Release in a 15+ Stakeholder Right-of-Way – Presentation
    Heather Stuart, Dillon Consulting
  • Case Study: Overcoming Challenges and Obstacles to Remediate a Rormer De-Waxing Facility in Richmond, BC – Presentation
    Tyler Joyce, Stantec
    Kate Schendel, Vancouver Fraser Port Authority
  • Case Study: PHC Remediation of a Complicated Site Using a Multi-Technology Approach – Presentation
    Bruce Tunnicliffe, Vertex Environmental
  • Remediation of a Former Chemical Blending Facility Utilizing Multiple Methods Including in situ Chemical Oxidation and Soil Treatment – Presentation
    Anthony Knafla, Equilibrium Environmental
  • BC Hydro Rock Bay Remediation Program – Management and Technical Achievements of a Major Remediation Program – Presentation
    Ian Mace, SNC Lavalin
  • Assessment and Remediation of a Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid Hydrocarbon Plume in Fractured Bedrock  – Presentation
    Ian Mitchell, SLR Consulting

Data Management and Analysis

  • Data Exploration: The Key to Success for Every Contaminated Site Project – Presentation
    Paul Fuellbrandt, Statvis
  • Conceptual Site Models – Built for Purpose  – Presentation
    Sheila Duchek, SNC Lavalin
  • Identifying Natural Chemicals in Petroleum Hydrocarbons Analysis
    Phil Richards, Chemistry Matters
  • PFAS Analysis and Reporting: What is my Certificate of Analysis Telling Me? – Presentation
    Heather Lord, Maxxam
  • Evaluation of Alberta Based Oils and Common Degradation Mechanisms by GCxGC  – Presentation
    Matthew Endsin, AGAT Laboratories
  • Bioanalytical Toolbox for Fish Health and Environmental Monitoring  – Presentation
    Bryan Shaw, CARO Analytical Services


  • Consultants’ Liability: Staying Clean in the Remediation Business  – Presentation
    Jessica Proudfoot, McLennan Ross LLP
  • Managing Environmental Liabilities: Legal Updates – Presentation
    John Georgakopoulos and Matt Gardner, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP
  • Solving the Cause and Time Dilemma for Limitation Period in Contaminated Site Claims  – Presentation
    Chidinma Thompson, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
  • Managing Environmental Liabilities: Eight Common Professional Blunders – Presentation
    Jacquelyn Stevens, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP
  • Litigation Support: Being an Effective Expert – Presentation
    Jessica Proudfoot, McLennan Ross LLP
  • Death of the Hired Gun: Independent Experts in Environmental Litigation – Presentation
    Matti Lemmens, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP


  • Using Technology to Eliminate Contaminated Water Used for a City Water Supply  – Presentation
    Matthew Kennedy, Willowstick
  • Switching it up … From Long term Pump-and-Treat to In-situ Chemical Oxidation for 1,4-Dioxane in Groundwater Remediation
    Grant Walsom, XCG Consultants
  • In-Situ Groundwater Nitrification and De-Nitrification Remediation Processes – From Bench Scale Testing to Full Scale Remediation – Presentation
    Steve Mailath, Trace Associates
  • Calculating Groundwater Flux and Mass Discharge to Support Risk Management Plan Development – Presentation
    Blake Hamer, Matrix Solutions
  • The Horizontal Reactive Media Treatment Well (HRX Well®) – Demonstration of a A New Technology for Passive In-Situ Remediation – Presentation
    Craig Divine, Arcadis
  • Zero Liquid Discharge Strategies for Water Remediation  – – Presentation
    Bill Berzins, Fossil Water


  • Thermally Enhanced Biodegradation: Final Step to Rapid Site Closure – Presentation
    Denice Nelson, ERM
  • The Power of Rust! Leveraging the Adsorptive Properties of Hydrous Ferric Oxide Minerals to Remediate Dissolved Metals – Presentation
    Jake Gossen, Hemmera
  • Biogeochemical Treatment of CVOCs – Presentation
    Brant Smith
  • The InSitu Remediation of PFAS-Impacted Groundwater Using Injectable Activated Carbon – Presentation
    Rick McGregor, InSitu Remediation Services
  • Where Did the Amendment Go? Using Multiple Techniques to Monitor Injection Effectiveness – Presentation
    Nathan Lichti, Vertex Environmental
  • Enhanced Anaerobic Biodegradation Achieves Cost Effective Closure for a PHC impacted Site – Presentation
    Ryan Reiss, Pinter & Associates
  • PFAS Treatment of Soil: Demonstration of Multiple Pilot Tests – Presentation
    Scott Grieco, Jacobs
  • In-Situ Thermal Remediation: Advances and Lessons Learned at Multiple Sites – 1990 to Present – Presentation
    Jay Dablow, ERM


  • DPT Jet Injection for Remediation in Clay Till: Full-Scale Case Study Results from over 3 Years of Treatment – Presentation
    Chapman Ross, Geosyntec Consultants
  • Evaluation of Potassium Persulfate as a Permeable Reactive Barrier at Three Different Sites – Presentation
    Brant Smith, PeroxyChem
  • From Release to Restoration – Cutting Through the Chaos – Presentation
    Jeff Robertson, Stantec
  • Anaerobic Benzene Biodegradation – Insights from Treatability Studies and Molecular Tools – Presentation
    Sandra Dworatzek, SiREM
  • Case Studies: Overcoming Persistent Contaminant Rebound Using Adsorptive Technologies Presentation
    Kevin French, Vertex Environmental
  • Sustainable Combination Heating: An Innovative Approach for In Situ Thermal Remediation in Challenging Lithology – Presentation
    Jay Dablow, ERM
  • Quantitative Field Screening: High Resolution Site Characterization with Reflectance Spectroscopy – Presentation
    Preston Sorenson, Maapera Analytics
  • STARx (Ex Situ Smouldering) for the Treatment of Contaminated Soils and Liquid Organic Wastes – Case Studies From Around the Globe – Presentation
    Grant Scholes, Savron

Canadian Brownfields Network

  • NRTEE +15: The Status of Brownfields in Canada in 2018 – Presentation
    Reanne Risdale, Canadian Brownfields Network
  • Environmental Remediation Using Cement Solidification / Stabilization– Presentation
    Paul Ruehl, Lafarge Holcm
  • Soil Management and Remediation of Community Scale Brownfields– Presentation
    Monisha Nandi, Kilmer Brownfield Equity
  • Building New Land in Toronto– Presentation
    Krista Barfoot , Jacobs

Environmental Managers of BC (EMA of BC) Perspectives

  • Silica Gel Cleanup of Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons – Do you know what you are removing? – Presentation
    Matthew Endsin, AGAT Laboratories
  • Alternative Salinity Evaluation; Description and Benefits of an Additional Line of Evidence Accepted by BC Oil and Gas Commission – Presentation
    Daniel Gorsic, Synergy / Aspen Environmental
  • Desktop Remediation™ A “Principle-Based” Approach to Avoid False-Positive Identification of Contamination– Presentation
    Daniel Gorsic, Synergy / Aspen Environmental
  • Using Lessons from Chronic Pollution Disturbance to Develop New Marine Ecological Monitoring Tools to Allow Rapid Assessment of Baseline Coastal Site Condition under Emergency Spill Response and Monitor Recovery over Time – Presentation
    Shannon Bard, Hemmera


  • Groundwater Metals Associated with Oilfield Wellsites
    Miles Tindal, Millennium EMS Solutions
  • Terrestrial Ecotoxicology of Selenium and Influence of Soil Sulphate Concentrations
    Anthony Knafla, Equilibrium Environmental
  • An Alternative Protocol for Closing Salt-Impacted Sites on Native Grasslands  – Presentation
    Miles Tindal, Millennium EMS Solutions
  • Development of a Chorlide Water Quality Guideline Based on Hardness and Consideration for Cation Toxicity – Presentation
    Anthony Knafla, Equilibrium Environmental

British Columbia Environment Industry Association (BCEIA) Perspectives

  • Bralorne-Takla Mercury Mine: Collaborative Remedial Planning for Historic Mine Clean-Up and Reclamation Project– Presentation
    Joanna Runnells, BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Opertations and Rural, Development, Trevor McConkey and Tony Gillett, SNC-Lavalin Inc. and Beth Power, Azimuth Consulting Group Partnership
  • Bralorne-Takla Mercury Mine: Innovative Risk Management and First Nations Community Engagement – – Presentation
    Joanna Runnells, BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Opertations and Rural, Development, Trevor McConkey and Tony Gillett, SNC-Lavalin Inc. and Beth Power, Azimuth Consulting Group Partnership
  • The Trouble with Salt: Case Studies and Lessons Learned – – Presentation
    Diane Zorn, Hemmera
  • Case Study: How to Avoid Failure in the Design and Installation of PRBsCase Study: How to Avoid Failure in the Design and Installation of PRBs
    Kevin French, Vertex Environmental – Presentation
    John Clarke, Milestone Environmental Contracting

Modelling / Assessment

  • 3-D Printing for Advanced Conceptual Site Models – Presentation
    Chapman Ross, Geosyntec Consultants
  • Forensic Characterization of Gasoline Releases to the Environment  – Presentation
    Detlef Birkholz, D.A. Birkholz Analytical Consultant
  • Remedial Strategies Focused on Indoor Air Protection from Chlorinated Compounds and associated Conceptual Site Model Changes affected by Active Sub-slab Depressurization – Presentation
    Richard Raetz, Global Remediation Technologies
  • Applications of Plume Stability Analysis in Risk Assessment for Contaminated Sites – Presentation
    Sheila Duchek, SNC Lavalin
  • Strategies for Forensic Evaluation in Heavily Degraded Crude and Middle Distillate Releases – Presentation
    Heather Lord, Maxxam
  • The Use of Probability Modelling to Predict PCB Concentrations in Oil-Filled Equipment – Presentation
    Raj Goutam, ATCO Electric

Remote Locations

  • The Former Lorado Uranium Mill Remediation Project – Presentation
    Skye Ketilson, SRC
  • Revegetation of Legacy Mine Sites with Native Plant Species: from Research to Planning, Northern Saskatchewan Case Study
    Elizaveta Petelina, SRC
  • Site Remediation in Remote and Difficult Locations in Northern Canada – the Case of the Abandoned CAM-E (Keith Bay) Intermediate DEW line site, Nunavut – Presentation
    Cathy Corrigan, AECOM
  • Making Radiocarbon Analysis for the Study of Biodegradation more Accessible: A New and Affordable Rapid Sampling Technique – Presentation
    Lindsay Reynolds, University of Ottawa
  • Phytoremediation of Contaminated Soil in a Remote Northern Location – Presentation
    Elizabeth Murray, Earthmaster Environmental
  • Toluene Biogenesis in Peatlands: Synthesis of Current Scientific Findings and a Recent Investigation in Northern Alberta – Presentation
    Jenet Dooley, Solstice Canada

Spill Management

  • Canadian Pacific Railway – Styrene Derailment – Presentation
    Alec Mackenzie, GHD
  • Effective Sampling Methods To characterize an Oil Spill within a River – Presentation
    Tara Murfitt and Shaun Toner, Matrix Solutions
  • Using Depth of Disturbance Rods as a Tool to Target Sediment Sample Locations in a River Potentially Impacted by an Oil Spill – Presentation
    Jocelyn Fetter and Shaun Toner, Matrix Solutions
  • Risk‐Based Spill Closure Utilizing Ecological Function Assessment – Presentation
    Cory Sommer, Millennium EMS Solutions

Salty Talks

  • Quantification of Site Specific Liability for Complex Upstream Oil and Gas Contaminated Facilities and Application of Site Specific Risk Assessment and Risk Based Novel Remediation Action Plan at Salt Impacted Sites in Saskatchewan – Presentation
    Todd Han, Matrix Solutions
  • Accurate and Rapid Field Analysis of Soil Salinity using a Multi-Sensor Data Fusion Technique – Presentation
    Preston Sorenson, Maaapera Analytics
  • Developing the Insights Required for Informed-Decision-Making at Salt-Impacted Sites – Presentation
    Daron Abbey , Matrix Solutions
    Paul Martin, Aqua Insights

Something Different

  • Technical Approaches for Developing the Site Management Strategy for the New Don River, Toronto Port Lands Project – Presentation
    Krista Barfoot and Bithun Sarkar, Jacobs
  • What Environmental Professionals should know about the Historical Resources Act – Presentation
    Kurtis Blaikie-Birkgit, Tree Time
  • Practical Ex-situ Remediation for Hydrocarbon Impacted Sites: Fixing the Workflow  – Presentation
    Brent Lennox, Waterline Resources

Emerging Contaminants

  • The Trouble with PFAs: Challenges in the Assessment of Uptake and Exposure to Perfluoroalkyl Substances at Contaminated Sites – Presentation
    Karen Phillips, Intrinsik Corp
  • PFAS Impacts on Solid Waste Landfills  – Presentation
    Scott Grieco, Jacobs