RemTech 2016 Presentations

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Sustainable Remediation

  • Harnessing Wind Power for Remediation via Soil Vapour Extraction in Remote Areas– Presentation
    Anthony Knafla and Ian McIvor, Equilibrium Environmental Inc.
  • Successes of The City of Calgary’s Leachate Treatment Pilot Plant, and Use of Treated Leachate to Build a Greener Future
    Owrang Kashef, CH2M and Lourdes Lugue, City of Calgary – Presentation
  • Sustainable Strategies for Site Remediation
    Michael Lakustiak, Trace Associates – Presentation


  • Embedding Sustainable Safety within Aggressive Remediation Projects at Operational Facilities
    Jay Dablow, Environmental Resources Management (ERM) – Presentation
  • Liability Reduction from the Application of an Alternate Closure Protocol for Salt Affected Wellsites
    Trevor Burgers, Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd.Presentation
  • Former Camp Ipperwash, Multi-Disciplinary Approach to the Completion of a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment
    Steven Gable, Amec Foster Wheeler – Presentation
  • Biogenic Interference Calculation (BIC) Index for Eliminating False PHC Positives in Clean Peat Soils
    Francine Kelly-Hooper, CH2M – Presentation
  • Urban vs. Wildland Wildfires: Implications for Assessing Dioxin & Furan Impacts
    Heather Lynn Lord, Maxxam Analytics – Presentation
  • Bioremediation of Hydrocarbons – Has Your Design Considered Potential Residual Contaminants Relating to Your Amendments?
    Wenhui Xiong, Stantec – Presentation


  • Farmland to Residential Community – Environmental Assessment, Remediation and Challenges
    Ripon Banik and David Alberti, Stantec – Presentation
  • Site Characterization and Conceptual Site Model for Proposed West Village Development Area, Calgary, Alberta
    Mike Brown, Advisian – Presentation
  • Calgary West Village: Use of Human Health Risk Assessment to Inform Redevelopment Scenarios
    Ian Mitchell, Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd – Presentation
  • Remediation and Risk Management Scenarios for Proposed West Village Development Area, Calgary, Alberta
    Thomas Jacklin, Advisian – Presentation
  • Using Stable Isotopes in a Multiple-Lines-of-Evidence Approach to Evaluating Sources and Degradation of Trichloroethylene
    Joel van Popta, Giffin Koerth – Presentation
  • Accelerated Regulatory Closure by In Situ Remediation for a 1,4-Dioxane, Chlorinated Solvent, and Petroleum Mixed Plume in a Clay Aquifer
    Scott Poyner, Geologic Science and Technology and Steven George, Green Star Environmental – Presentation

New Technology

  • Integration of Multi-Program Data within a Single Web Based Geographical Information System (GIS) Platform
    Gordon Wilcox, Integrated Sustainability Consultants Ltd. – – Presentation
  • Development of a New Sustainable Thermal Remediation and Recovery Technology Using Low Energy Rapid Exothermal Reaction Technique
    Jevins Waddell, TRIUM Environmental Inc. – Presentation
  • Landfill Closure – An Innovative Geosynthetic Barrier System
    Dean Wall ,AMEC Foster Wheeler – Presentation
  • Permeable Reactive Barriers for Petroleum Hydrocarbons
    Bruce Tunnicliffe, Vertex Environmental  – Presentation
  • ISCO Reengineered
    Robert Luhrs, Raytheon Company – Presentation
  • Cognitive Tool for the Selection of a Technology for the Remediation of Contaminated Sites
    Marc Paquet, Wikinet – Presentation

Environmental Managers of British Columbia Technical Session

  • Assessment and Remediation of Historic Contamination at the Gwawaenuk First Nation, Hopetown, BC
    Mark Oikawa, SLR Consulting (Canada) – Presentation
  • Determination of Local Background Concentrations in Groundwater (Dissolved Arsenic, Iron and Manganese) at an Industrial Site
    Tyler Joyce, Stantec
    – Presentation
  • The Chemistry of Change: Regulatory, New Testing & Technology Update
    Patrick Novak, CARO Analytical Services – Presentation
  • Rock Bay Remediation Project
    Ryan Stewart and Lindsay Thompson, BC Hydro – Presentation

Canadian Brownfields Network Technical Session

  • PS3260 – How Accounting Will Shape Our Communities
    Chris Gill, Stantec – Presentation
  • Unique Technical Issues and Solutions related to Redeveloping a Major Urban Shopping Centre in Victoria
    Diane Zorn, Hemmera – Presentation
  • Connecting Climate Change to Brownfield Redevelopment
    Matt Gardner & John Georgakopoulos, Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers LLP – Presentation
  • The Greenwich Mohawk Brownfield Remediation Project – Remedial Technologies Employed and How the Project Adapted
    Wayne Harris, Milestone Environmental – Presentation

Rick Management

  • Integrated Environmental Risk Assessments of Crude Oil Releases in Northern Ontario
    Laura Lawlor and Andrzej Pawlisz, GHD – Presentation
  • Living Documents and their Role in Remediation Planning and Risk Management
    Louise Burden, Advisian – Presentation
  • Modelling Uncertainty Analysis for Contaminant Risk Assessment
    Paul Martin, Matrix Solutions – Presentation
  • Risk Management Revisited – Corrective Actions Related to a Leaking Brine Lagoon
    Frans Hettinga and Aziz Shaikh, Tetra Tech EBAPresentation

Miscellaneous Case Studies

  • Case Studies Involving the Application of In-Situ Oxidation Technologies to Remediate Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Chlorinated Solvents and the Regulatory Compliance Process in British Columbia
    Jay Rao, WSP Canada – Presentation
  • Field Performance of Dispersive Colloidal Activated Carbon – Lessons Learned from Multiple Geological Settings
    Ashley Czedo, Regenesis
  • The Aquifer Solid Phase: Reactive Minerals and Their Effect on Remedial Success
    Jake Gossen, Hemmera – Presentation
  • Tackling Chlorinated Solvent Contamination – What are the Options?
    Jean Pare, Chemco – Presentation
  • SVE System – Extracting Vapours and Value
    Michelle Heffernan and Jason Hampson, Trace AssociatesPresentation
  • “Omaha!” A Pundits Playbook to In-Situ Remediation of PHCs
    Gary Winthrop and Blake Turnbull, Matrix Solutions
  • Phytoremediation of Impacted Soil: Field Research Trials with New Applications, Species, and Challenges
    Elizabeth Murray, Earthmaster Environmental Strategies Inc. – Presentation
  • Case Study Validation of the New Alberta Reclamation Criteria for Wellsites and Associated Facilities for Peatlands
    Doug Bright, Hemmera – Presentation
  • Groundwater Plume Analytics for Assessing Remediation Effectiveness
    Joe Ricker, EarthCon Consultants, Inc. – Presentation
  • Remediation of Poly- and Perfluoro Alkyl Substances: new remediation technologies for emerging challenges
    Ian Ross, Arcadis
  • Field Remediation Trials for Sulfolane Impacted Soil and Groundwater: Aeration, Nutrient Amendments and/or Peroxide?
    Brent Lennox, Waterline Resources Inc. – Presentation
  • Review and Recommended Changes to the Saturation Paste Method to Determine Concentrations of Sodium and Chloride in Muskeg
    Dan Gorsic, SynergyAspen Environmental – Presentation
  • The Biggest Environmental Risk You Missed
    Tadd Berger, Pinchin West Ltd. – Presentation
  • Environmental DNA: A Revolutionary Sampling Technique for Aquatic Ecological Studies
    Elizabeth Vincer, Hemmera – Presentation


  • Highly Successful ERD Pilot Study Using Simple Additive Delivery Approach Leads to Full-Scale Biostimulation Strategy for Destruction of Residual cVOCs
    Kent Armstrong, Biostryke – Presentation
  • There’s Something in the Water: Reactive Synergies using Mixed Oxidants for Emerging Contaminant Removal
    Pamela Dugan, Carus Corporation – Presentation
  • Approaches for Evaluating Natural Attenuation of 1,4-Dioxane
    Monica Heintz, Arcadis – Presentation
  • Application of Injected ZVI PRB to Control Off-Site Migration of a VOC Plume at a Drycleaner Site in Quebec
    Andrzej Przepiora, Geosyntec Consultants IncPresentation


  • Proper Interpretations of Lab Data for Highly Organic Soils
    Anthony Neumann, Exova Canada – Presentation
  • Identification of Terpenoid Compounds in Soils by GCMS as a Remediation Tool to Separate Petrogenic and Biogenic Hydrocarbons
    Nathan Scott and Ron Brockbank, AGAT LaboratoriesPresentation
  • Hydrocarbon data Interpretations for Highly Organic Soils
    Chris Swyngedouw, Exova Canada – Presentation
  • Challenges in Forensic Analyses of Petroleum
    Deib Birkholz, Analytical Consultant, Inc. – Presentation

Spill Response

  • Have you tested your Environmental Unit Lately? We did
    Sheri Gilmour, Stantec and Jeff Blanchard, Spectra Energy– Presentation
  • Evaluation of Crude Oil Spills and 70 years of Natural Reclamation along the Historic Canol Oil Pipeline, Northwest Territories
    Stephen Livingstone, Arcadis – Presentation
  • Technical Challenges of Large Scale Spill Response and Remediation Projects
    Jeremy Paul, North Shore Environmental – Presentation
  • Planning and Preparing– Effective Environmental Emergency Response
    Dan Born, Enbridge Pipelines and Tanya Shanoff, Stantec– Presentation

Thermal Remediation

  • Thermal Desorption Impacts on Soil Chemical, Physical, and Biological Properties: Evaluation for Agricultural Production
    Peter O’Brien and Samantha Ritter, North Dakota State University – Presentation
  • Evaporative Desorption Technology as Remedial Measure for On-site Soil Treatment during RCRA-facility Closure Process
    Joseph Muzzio, Reterro, Inc
    – Presentation
  • A New Take on Thermal Desorption – Using Enhanced Thermal Conduction (ETC) for the Remediation of Legacy Hydrocarbon Impacts at Sites in the Yukon and British Columbia
    Chad Belenky and Roger Richter, Iron Creek GroupPresentation


  • Surfactant Enhanced Aquifer Remediation of a Low Permeability Unit Containing Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid
    Luke Bragg, Terracon Consultants – Presentation
  • Zero-Valent Iron for Groundwater Remediation – Lessons Learned over 20 years of Technology Use
    Andrzej Przepiora, Geosyntec Consultants Inc –
  • Manganese Activated Persulfate (MnAP) for the Treatment Recalcitrant Organics: Development and Commercialization
    Bruce Marvin, Geosyntec Consultants– Presentation

Emerging Contaminants

  • Brominated Flame Retardants – Another Class of Emerging Contaminants
    Monica Danon-Schaffer and Bill Diguiseppi, CH2M Presentation
  • Emerging Contaminants Update with an Emphasis on 1,4-dioxane and Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs) found in Fire Fighting Foam
    Monica Danon-Schaffer and Bill Diguiseppi, CH2M Presentation
  • Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs): Chemistry, Occurrence, Regulation, Mobility and Remediation
    Monica Danon-Schaffer and Bill Diguiseppi, CH2MPresentation