RemTech 2009 Presentations

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Pre-Conference Workshop

Federal Contaminated Sites – Innovative Remediation Solutions Workshop

  • Doing Business with the Federal Government and the Accelerated Infrastructure Program – Presentation
    David Wasiuta, Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)
  • Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan (FCSAP) – Presentation
    Hugo Gherbavaz, Environment Canada
  • Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan (FCSAP) Demand Forecast AnalysisPresentation
    Miguel Larivière, Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)
  • Reclamation of Giant Mine Site Yellowknife – A Major Project Case Study Presentation
    Norm Quail, Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)
  • Working on DND Remediation Projects with Defence Construction Canada Presentation
    Ross Welsman, Regional Director, Defence Construction Canada
  • The Deloitte – SDTC Western Canada Cleantech Report – Presentation
    David Sparrow & Spencer Ord, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Conference Technical Sessions

Opening Keynote

  • Addressing Environmental Exposures to Asbestos at the Libby Asbestos Superfund Site, USA – Presentation
    Mike Cirian, On-Site Remedial Project Manager, U.S. EPA Region 8


  • Nanomaterials used in Environmental Remediation – A Global Perspective
    Stephen Goudey, Golder Associates Ltd./ HydroQual Laboratories Ltd.
  • Nanotechnology – The Next Remediation Magic Bullet? – Presentation
    Sylvia Chan-Remillard, Golder Associates Ltd./ HydroQual Laboratories Ltd.
  • Nanomaterials and the Environment: Regulatory Implications and Research Needs – Presentation
    Lori Sheremeta, Alberta Ingenuity
  • Tailings Treatment and Nanoparticles Presentation
    Preston McEachern, Alberta Environment

Technology from the Netherlands

  • Water and Energy Resource Management– Presentation
    Hans van Duijne, Deltares
  • Large Scale Management of (Contaminated) Dredged Sediments (a Comparisation Between Europe and North America) – Presentation
    Bastiaan M. Lammers, Boskalis-Dolman
  • In-situ Bioremediation of Chlorinated Solvents in Source Areas – Presentation
    Martin Slooijer, BioSoil B.V.
  • Advanced In-situ Remediation Technologies in Canada; a Success Story on Canadian-Dutch Co-operation in Canada Between Private Solution Providers Supported by both Canadian and Dutch Governments – Presentation
    Yvo Veenis, Groundwater Technology B.V.

Unique Locations and Situations

  • Winter Remediation of PHC-Contaminated Soils from the Shoreline of a Flowing Channel Located in Northern Manitoba – Presentation
    Marcus Smith, Manitoba Hydro
  • Former Tipple Mine Site Remediation and Reclamation Program Presentation
    Brian Geddes, AMEC Earth & Environmental
  • Case Study – Drumheller Institution: Kitchen and Health Centre Crawl Space Remediation– Presentation
    Jim Clare, AECOM
  • Case Study: Successful Remediation of Operating Service Station and Third-Party Properties at a National Park Townsite – Presentation
    Rob Micklethwaite, O’Connor Associates Environmental

Working in Canada’s North: Challenges and Perspectives

  • Evaluating the Constructability of Remediation Projects in the NorthPresentation
    Jonathan Kerr , AECOM
  • Cleaning-Up Dew Line Sites in Nunavut: The Inuit Perspective at Cam-F Presentation
    Kailapi Alorut , Sila Remediation Inc.
  • Challenges of Conducting Environmental Investigations in the Canadian Arctic – Presentation
    David Wells, AMEC Earth and Environmental
  • Challenges Facing Soil Treatment Facilities in the Yukon – Presentation
    Donald Wilson , EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.

Remediation and Environmental Sustainability

  • An In-Situ Chemical Oxidant that utilizes “Green Chemistry” for the Treatment of Both Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Chlorinated Solvents Presentation
    Jack Peabody, Regenesis
  • Use of a Sustainability Evaluation Tool for the Evaluation of Remedial Scenarios Presentation
    Jaime Graves and Robert Noel-de-Tilly, Golder Associates
  • The True Cost of Remediation – Presentation
    Gary Millard, Shell Canada Products

Physical Treatment

  • Calcium Humate Reduces Disposal Costs by lowering Electrical Conductivity and Sodium Absorption Ratio in Potassium Silicate based Drilling Waste Presentation
    Russel Orcutt, Summit Liability Solutions
  • Evaluation of the Microtox Toxicity Testing System: does it belong in the environmental industry? – Presentation
    Erik Martin, TRIUM
  • Kitkatla Remediation Program– Presentation
    David Isopo, Quantum Remediation


  • Total Microbial Profiling…Because Sometimes Bacteria Just Aren’t Enough Presentation
    Pernilla Stenroos, HydroQual Laboratories Ltd.
  • Biological Treatment of Hazardous Sludge Using a Modified Ex situ Biopile System and Beneficial Reuse of Residuals – Presentation
    Jeff Dirks, Biogenie S.R.D.C. Inc.
  • Subsoil Injection of Concentrated Organic Pellets – Presentation
    Leonard Leskiw, Paragon Soil and Environmental Consulting

A Little of Everything

  • Vapour Intrusion and Indoor Air Quality – Assessing IAQ Impacts, Understanding Building Factors, Strategies for Mitigation – Presentation
    Paul MacKinnon, EHS Partnerships Ltd.
  • Lead (Pb): Upcoming Implications for Contaminated Site Soil Quality Guidelines – Presentation
    Anthony Knafla, Equilibrium Environmental
  • In Situ Treatment of Chlorinated Volatile Organic Hydrocarbons by Fracture-Emplacement of a Micro-Iron/Carbon Amendement Presentation
    Gordon H. Bures, Frac Rite Environmental Ltd.
  • Management of Significant PHC Impacts in an Urban/Community Setting – Case Study – Presentation
    Karl Bresee, Intrinsik Environmental Sciences Inc.
  • Soil Protection by Polymer Enhanced Mineral Barrier (Applications and New Developments) – Presentation
    Mike Naismith, Trisoplast Mineral Liners
  • BROWNFIELDS DEVELOPMENT – 60-year Old Construction Yard – REMEDIATED AND REDEVELOPED! – Presentation
    Vladimir Agatonovic, Focus Corporation
  • Landfills – the Remediation Industry’s Dirty Little Secret: Potential Liabilities during Design, Construction and OperationPresentation
    Dean Wall, AMEC Earth & Environmental
  • An Integrated Model for Design of Soil Vapour Intrusion Mitigation Systems – Presentation
    Ian Hers, Golder Associates
  • Differentiation of chloride source using stable chlorine isotopes – Presentation
    Alec Blyth , Alberta Research Council

The Quebec Perspective

  • Sustainable approach in contaminated soil management – lessons learned from 20 years of practice – Presentation
    Christian Bélanger, Englobe Corp
  • Chemical oxidation, enhancing organic contaminant remediation via the use of co-solvent surfactants – Presentation
    Jean Paré, Chemco inc
  • Environmental Accountability are we Really Making Things Better Presentation
    Tony Hawke, TERRAPEX Environnement
  • Bioremediation of a former Tank Farm Presentation
    Eric Bergeron, Golder Associates Ltd.
  • Understanding the Uncertainty Associated with Analytical Results: Sources, Control and Interpretation of Results – Presentation
    Marc Paquet, Maxxam Analytics


  • LNAPL Deep Below the Water Table – How Did It Get There? The Importance of Proper Site Characterization and Implications for Remediation Presentation
    Stephen Munzar, Hemmera Envirochem Inc.
  • New Approaches and Tools for Evaluating LNAPL Mobility – Presentation
    Ian Hers , Golder Associates
  • Contrasts in LNAPL Risk Factors for Different Petroleum Products Presentation
    G.D. Beckett, AQUI-VER, INC., Douglas Bell, Dillon Consulting Limited


  • Remediation Options and Treatment for Tebuthiuron at an Upstream Oil and Gas Site – Presentation
    Felix Lin, EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.
  • Corrective Action LUST Site Remediation Case Study Surfactant Enhanced Remediation of BTEX, PAH, and Diesel Free Product Recovery, UST Soil and Groundwater Plume, Monee, Illinois USA – Presentation
    George A. Ivey, Ivey International Inc.
  • Soil Remediation of 26,200 m3 of Hydrocarbon-impacted Soil at a Former Well Site Using the Ex situ Biopile Process – Presentation
    Wade Simpson , Biogenie S.R.D.C. Inc.