Week ending June 7th, 2024

  Restoring caribou habitat with Indigenous communities Alberta is partnering with two Indigenous communities to help restore caribou habitats in Northern Alberta. Alberta’s government has a long-term recovery plan in place to help stabilize and recover caribou populations. However, caribou require specific habitats and there are more than 200,000 kilometres of legacy seismic lines needing […]

Week ending May 24th, 2024

  Helping Alberta industry reduce emissions The Alberta government is investing $50 million to help the province’s major industries use new technology to reduce emissions and create jobs. Many industrial sectors require new technologies to lower emissions while also delivering the goods that Albertans and Canadians count on. These technologies are often still in development […]

Week ending May 10th, 2024

Alberta: Committee launched to help reclaim tailings ponds Alberta’s new Oil Sands Mine Water Steering Committee will look at options to speed up oil sands mine water management and tailings ponds reclamation. Alberta is launching the new Oil Sands Mine Water Steering Committee to speed up the reclamation of oil sands tailings ponds. The expert […]

Week ending May 3rd, 2024

  Alberta releases drought response plan Alberta’s government is releasing its 2024 Drought Response Plan to help support Albertans through any drought conditions this year. Alberta’s new 2024 Drought Response Plan will help guide the province through any and all drought conditions. This is a plan covering everything from conservation plans and water-sharing agreements to […]

Week ending April 26th, 2024

  ESAA Announces 2024 Board of Directors At the ESAA AGM on April 15th, the ESAA Members elected four new directors to the ESAA Board of Directors:  Sylvain Bordenave, Louise Burden, Danielle Hutson and Lincoln Weller. Welcome to the ESAA Board. ESAA would like to thankTom Fleming and Myke Stercl for putting their names forward […]

Week ending April 4th, 2024

    AER: New AGS Online Interactive Mapping Application Today, the Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) published its Alberta Geology, Minerals, and Energy Infrastructure Interactive Mapping Application (the application). The application and associated reference materials can be found on ags.aer.ca. A video tutorial can be found on our YouTube channel.  This online interactive mapping platform increases data accessibility […]

Week ending March 29th 2024

Alberta: Consultant chosen for Eyremore Dam study Alberta’s government has chosen Hatch Ltd. to study the feasibility of a new water reservoir in southeastern Alberta. Reservoirs play a vital role in irrigation, drought management, water security and flood protection. To help ensure all Albertans have a safe, reliable water supply, Hatch Ltd. will prepare a […]

Week ending March 15th, 2024

ESAAs Environmental Summit April 15-17, 2023Kananaskis Mountain Lodge Meet the Risk Management Panel The Environmental Summit will feature 8 panel discussions, including the following panel: Navigating the Environmental Business Landscape: A Comprehensive Approach to Risk Management, Insurance and Liability Mitigation Businesses operating in the environmental services sector confront a complex web of environmental and professional exposures, with […]

Week ending March 8th, 2024

ESAAs Environmental Summit April 15-17, 2023Kananaskis Mountain Lodge Meet the Sustainability Panel The Environmental Summit will feature 8 panel discussions, including the following panel: Sustainability in Action: Navigating Complexities of the Three Pillars of Sustainability A comprehensive panel discussion that explores the paramount role of sustainability in environmental decision-making. It delves into the intricacies of prioritizing sustainability within the environmental […]

Week ending February 23rd, 2024

   2024 ESAA AGM Notice of Meeting and Call for Nominations – ESAA Board of Directors April 15th, 2024 4:15 pm – Kananaskis Mountain Lodge Registration details available in late February Click Here to RSVP (No charge to attend) 2024 ESAA AGM Documents Notice of ESAA 2024 Annual General Meeting ESAA Board of Directors – […]