Thank you to all of the sponsors and players for another great day!

The 24th Annual ESAA / Brian Winters Memorial golf tournament was another great success with 152 golfers and $8,000 raised for our two great charities: the Ilsa Mae Research Fund at Muscular Dystrophy and the Environmental Artworks Foundation of Alberta.  The tournament has now raised over $136,000 for charity.  Your generosity this year, more than ever, is greatly appreciated.  The 2019 golf tournament will be held on July 15th, 2020 at Alberta Springs and registration will open in early April 2020.  Thank you again!

Environmental Artworks Foundation of Alberta

“A charity with the mission of increasing environmental awareness in Alberta’s school system.” The Environmental Artworks Foundation of Alberta (EAFA) is a charitable organization affiliated with The Environmental Services Association of Alberta (ESAA). In late 2004, the Association under the direction of the late Brian Winters, and through his desire that the Association and Industry give back something to the community that they are a part of, ESAA established EAFA. EAFA presents an annual contest to promote environmental artworks in Alberta. For more information visit:

$150 from each team registration is donated to the Artworks Foundation. Tax Receipts Issued.

Muscular Dystrophy Canada

Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is a term for a group of inherited neuromuscular diseases. All forms of the disease affect specialized nerve cells called motor neurons, which control the movement of voluntary muscles. SMA causes lower motor neurons in the base of the brain and the spinal cord to disintegrate, preventing them from delivering electrical and chemical signals that muscles depend on for normal function. The three major childhood-onset forms of SMA are now usually called type 1, type 2 and type 3. SMA type 1 and SBMA affect the neurons controlling the mouth and throat muscles more and therefore involve more problems with chewing and swallowing. Respiratory muscles are involved to varying degrees in all forms of the disease. In SMA type 1, the most severe form, the onset of the disease is noted within the first 6 months of the child’s life. Children with SMA type 1 are never able to sit without support, and death usually occurs before age 2.

Ilsa Mae Research Fund

In late 2005, the Chowaniec family and the Environmental Services Association of Alberta (ESAA), through MDC created theILSA MAE RESEARCH FUND. This fund has the specific goal of supporting SMA research in Canada. Money raised for Muscular Dystrophy Canada at ESAA Events is donated to this fund. Since the inception of the fund, nearly $80,000 has been raised for the Fund.

Two (2) Mulligans are included with each registration with $10 from every registration will go towards the Ilsa Mae Research Fund.