Seedling Coordinator

Tree Time Services is looking for a great communicator with attention to detail to support the logistical and administrative functions of growing and shipping over 60 million seedlings annually.

The Seedling Coordinator will be part of a team that communicates with customers, nurseries and contractors to track, schedule and deliver tree seedling orders. They will enter and track seedling orders in our proprietary database, ensure nurseries are reporting seedling tracking and growth metrics, respond to and document order and production changes, and coordinate shipping of seedlings between nurseries, storage facilities and planting sites.

Reforestation is a seasonal business. Day to day work and workloads vary significantly over the course of the year.

Spring and early summer (May through July) is the busiest time of year. You will coordinate with nurseries, storage facilities, trucking firms, seedling customers, and tree planting companies to deliver over 200 semi trailer loads of seedlings from nurseries to their end destinations across western Canada. You will schedule loads, respond to changes, negotiate specification changes, and communicate overages and shortages between nurseries and customers. This busy period will require extended hours of availability and responsiveness, sometimes 7 days a week. Tree Time has an established time-in-lieu system to enable time off during the slower periods of summer and winter.
The seedling order lifecycle starts in the fall. You will enter customer orders into our proprietary database. Once orders are in you’ll assist in allocating orders and storage between the members of our nursery co-op. Then you will help facilitate the distribution of seed to our nurseries to start growing the next season’s trees.
The winter is a slower period. You will support year-end order reconciliation, and report seedling growth to customers. You will also assist with seedling testing and quality control, including touring our nurseries across the province.

Key Competencies:

Problem Solver: Able to make complex scheduling and allocation decisions taking into account many interacting constraints.
Organized: Detail oriented. Diligently tracks commitments, decisions and changes.
Adaptable: Able to respond to changes on a sometimes-daily basis, adapting plans, updating schedules, and keeping stakeholders informed. Recognizes that “planning is everything, but plans are nothing”, and that it is the nature of plans to change.
Responsive: Able to rapidly shift between calls and accounts during seasonal peaks. Responds to requests, changes and challenges quickly & decisively.
Team Player: Able to collaborate with multiple stakeholders both internally and externally. Works for the optimal solution for all stakeholders.

Core Skills:

Communication: Responsiveness. Clear and careful verbal / telephone communications. Active and careful listening. Concise and accurate written / email communications. Able to work with all kinds of people from a wide range of backgrounds (foresters, nurseries, truckers, tree planters, etc.).
Planning and Scheduling: Able to develop complex space allocation plans and shipping schedules. Identifying and addressing constraints and dependencies. Looking forward to identify risks and bottlenecks. Evaluating and presenting options and alternatives.
Computer skills: Comfortable with computers and able to learn new applications. Good familiarity with spreadsheets and databases. Basic familiarity with office productivity software, eg. Microsoft Office suite and/or Google workspace. Effective email management practices.

Desirable Experience:

There is a wide range of experience that could be an asset in this unique role. While relevant experience is valuable, it is secondary to culture fit, competencies and skills.

Tree planting or forestry industry experience, especially supervision, load scheduling and seedling logistics.
Experience with seedlings or plants in a nursery, horticulture or other setting.
Trucking and logistics, load scheduling, rate negotiation, full load and LTL shipping
Project management, especially planning, scheduling and contractor management.
Experience with databases and administration.

Compensation and Benefits:

Base salary to be determined as this is a new role for us
Team and individual performance-based annual bonuses
Health benefit plan and health spending account
Flex-time and time off in-lieu
Flex-work and remote friendly

Tree Time Services is an industry leading environmental consulting company dedicated to stewarding the landscape for our collective future. We are a rapidly growing firm with diversifying business lines. Our forestry and reclamation teams work to improve North American forests by growing, selling, planting and tending tree and shrub seedlings for industry, government, and community customers. We are committed to Indigenous engagement and Reconciliation and have formal partnerships and long-term relationships with several First Nations.

Tree Time Services’ Core Values:

Take care of each other
Get it done and do it right
Passion for the work and the landscape
Adaptable and flexible
Down to earth

Please apply through our portal and submit a job-specific cover letter and one to two page resume in PDF format. Your resume should include relevant work experience, with dates, responsibilities and achievements; education; and any other experience relevant to the role and the company. Additional detail will be requested after initial resume screening.

How to apply

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